Daily topic the United States plans to raise 1 billion network The giant fight fought in the battle

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network July 10th news, the news said the group plans to raise more than $1 billion in a new round of financing recently, valuation of the current round of financing for the online group purchase company more than $15 billion.

Informed sources said the

, the United States Mission network is working with several investment banks as intermediaries to discuss financing activities. The amount of financing and specific terms are still under negotiation. U.S. mission network of this financing plan is still in its infancy. In January this year, after the completion of a $7 billion valuation of financing, the U.S. group net new round of financing may be more than doubled the valuation.

8000 employees, 300 open city, more than 50 merchants." This is the U.S. group at the end of last August published data. At present, the number of employees of the United States mission has grown to 15000, of which the number of lines to push the team more than 10000, covering the city reached 1000, compared to August last year, more than doubled. Wang Xing claimed that the U.S. mission network in the group buying market accounted for more than 60% of the share, as the largest movie O2O platform, the largest hotel distribution platform and the largest online takeaway platform".

rankings from the buy site, the U.S. mission network, public comment, the order of the top three glutinous rice network has not changed for a long time. Group 800 released data show that in May of this year, the U.S. group net sales of $8 billion 600 million, the public comment is $4 billion 600 million, glutinous rice network is $1 billion 400 million. However, whether the U.S. mission network, public comment, rice network, or have independent listed overseas Wowo, this batch of the group purchase website now has more accustomed to using "O2O" instead of "group purchase" two words.

2015  at the beginning of the year, Wang Xing in the United States Mission Conference said: "this year will be   O2O  truly big battle for a year". Now look at the true beauty group is standing at the end of the war, win, defeat, will take the future; all-powerful.

Informed sources said the

, the United States mission is to enhance the user base, and other competitors such as public comment is very competitive, costly, so the company needs new capital injection. Earlier this year, the public comment completed a round of $850 million financing, investors, including millet, etc.. At that time the public comment valuation of $4 billion 50 million.

U.S. group is currently more than 200 million active users, covering the city of more than 1 thousand. The United States through the Commission to collect income. The company has yet to disclose revenue. Prior to the U.S. group has said it plans to this year through the application of the website and the volume of transactions increased from 46 billion yuan last year to more than 100 billion yuan.

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