CNNC China’s nternet users 731 million equivalent to the total population in Europe

NetEase technology news January 22nd afternoon news, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) today released the thirty-ninth "China Internet development statistics report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report"). The report shows that as of December 2016, China’s Internet users reached 731 million, equivalent to the total population in Europe, the Internet penetration rate reached 53.2%. China’s Internet industry as a whole to the standardization of the value of the development, while the mobile Internet to promote the sharing of consumption patterns, intelligent equipment and diverse scenarios.

".CN" registered ownership of more than 20 million, ranked the world’s first national top-level domain as of December 2016, Chinese ".CN" domain name for a total of 20 million 610 thousand, an annual increase of 25.9%, accounting for 48.7% of the proportion of the total number of domain name Chinese. The total number of domain names in China was 474 thousand, an increase of 34.4%.

Chinese Internet users reached 731 million, equivalent to the total population of Europe

as of December 2016, China’s Internet users reached 731 million, penetration rate reached 53.2%, more than the global average of 3.1 percentage points, more than the Asian average of 7.6 percentage points. A total of 42 million 990 thousand new Internet users, an increase of 6.2%. The size of China’s Internet users is equivalent to the total population in europe.

mobile phone users accounted for 95.1%, the line mobile phone payment habits have been formed

as of December 2016, the size of China’s mobile phone users reached 695 million, the growth rate of more than three consecutive years of more than 10%. Using a desktop computer, notebook computer rate decreased, the use of mobile phone constantly diverted to other personal Internet devices. Mobile Internet and offline increasingly close economic ties, in 2016, China’s mobile phone online payment users reached 469 million, the scale of the rapid growth, the annual growth rate of 31.2%, mobile phone users to pay online using the ratio increased from 57.7% to 67.5%. Mobile payment to the next line of the rapid infiltration of the field of payment, greatly enriched the payment scenario, there are 50.3% of users online shopping store when using mobile payment settlement.

share travel into the standardized development period, the Internet to build a transparent public welfare new ecosystem

online booking car users to 168 million, an increase of 46 million 160 thousand over the first half of 2016, the growth rate is 37.9%. Network about the car as a representative service of the shared economy, play an important role in the mobilization of vehicle resources, to meet the needs of users travel, and with the introduction of relevant policies into the normative development period. As of the end of 2016, there are 32.5% of Chinese Internet users have used the Internet for charity, the user size of up to 238 million. To the Internet as the carrier of fundraising, public welfare raise, social circles and other public funds to promote a new model to promote the process of charitable donations sunshine, convenient operation, diversified forms.

30% Internet users use online government affairs, the Internet to promote service-oriented government

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