United States personal credit scoring site 2 million 500 thousand venture capital

                Beijing on November 5th news: according to foreign media reports, the United States to provide a free personal credit tracking and reporting website before the date received $2 million 500 thousand in venture capital.

this site called Credit Karma can help users to understand, track and improve their personal credit score.

so-called credit score, is based on a variety of personal credit documents and credit records after the analysis of the quantitative indicators, indicating the credibility of a person’s credit. Credit credibility is the basic condition of working life in the United states. It is reported that this site data from multiple credit agencies.

this $2 million 500 thousand is the first round of venture capital investments, investment institutions, including QED Investers, SV Angel, Adyin Senku and Founders Fund.

users can log on to the site every day to check their credit score, as well as credit card records. The site says that all services are provided free of charge, they are mainly through the sale of online advertising revenue.

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