Tmall double 11 hard rules to be shipped within 10 days will be punished

news September 14th, released two days before Tmall announcement eleven delivery rules, ask the seller must at the latest within 10 days of the pro day orders issued, otherwise it will accept the punishment of Tmall.

notice requirements, November 11th 00:00:00 November 17th 23:59:59 during the buyer payment orders, businesses (virtual category except) shall be the latest in November 20th 23:59:59 before delivery and by the logistics companies embrace parts, and to ensure that the latest in November 25, 2015 before 23:59:59 can see the status of orders logistics company in the logistics system (also embrace pieces, transit, delivery, sign, etc.) or "Tmall" will be in accordance with the rules of the delay of shipment handling (Tmall international commodity in accordance with the international rules of Tmall).


, a portion of the goods can be relaxed delivery time requirements: such as Home Furnishing materials commodities shall complete the delivery within 20 days from the date of payment the buyer; fresh and can be found in the logistics state before the November 25th 23:59:59 shipments; customization, sale, building materials Home Furnishing set an appointment delivery time of goods should be based on the product details page for the description of and other special circumstances of the parties themselves and.

Tmall requirements, after delivery, businesses need to click on the delivery change state, Tmall will serve as the basis for the assessment of the shipment, do not accept the logistics red chapter certificate. As long as the date of shipment and the pieces of information query two have a requirement is not met, the merchant will be determined not to agree to the time of shipment.

The "Tmall" provisions of

rules, businesses need to pay for the delay in delivery of the goods to the buyer the actual turnover of thirty percent (the maximum amount of not more than five hundred yuan) as a penalty, the penalty will be paid in the form of integral Tmall. The Tmall international rules also require sellers to delay delivery to the buyer to pay liquidated damages.

it is understood that last year, eleven pairs of Tmall has also issued relevant shipping requirements. And this year is different, last year, Tmall in November 25th as a time limit for the judgment of the delay, easing the delivery time requirements. As long as the buyer within 25 days before the check to order logistics, businesses will not be sentenced to the delay of shipment.

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