Google will gradually cancel the PR support of AdPlanner platform


deputy general manager Guan Peng Yanhuang network (micro-blog) micro-blog broke the news that Google will cancel the PR (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Li Songwei) October 14th news, well-known webmaster, Yanhuang network deputy general manager Guan Peng this afternoon in the Tencent micro-blog broke the news, said it China senior Google confirmed, will cancel the PR (PageRank, Google for the evaluation of a web page "importance" method), the latter will consider pushing advertising for small and medium sized enterprises the main free media planning tool AdPlanner.

Guan Peng also revealed in micro-blog, AdPlanner as a platform to release the actual flow of the site, the latter will consider the launch of the Chinese version, the biggest highlight of this platform is not cheating both credibility.

this morning, coincidentally, there is news that Google will cancel the PR value, but the News quoted the Google employees in October 15, 2009, and this is the Google employees to speak about to cancel the show PR in the Google toolbar. This 2009 "outdated" news immediately aroused micro-blog netizens intense discussion, famous network marketing experts, "network marketing code" author Zan Hui said that Google employees explain is indeed canceled shows PR in the toolbar, no PR value is no longer updated.

Google employees not to be named to the Tencent said Google did not expect the evaluation indicators of site quality of an open caused such concern in the industry (it is said that the website evaluation index that within Google more than and 200, PR is the only public. After the discovery of the global flood of PR link gray trading market exists, Google does intend to have been reducing the weight of PR, but whether or not to cancel the conclusion.

"a lot of people in a PR misunderstanding, the higher the PR value of the site that is big, actually a lot of PR value is 8 or 9 site traffic is very low. In a sense, used to judge the PR value of a site value is very comprehensive."


staff also pointed out that the AdPlanner can indeed show the real flow of a website, relatively more value for advertisers, as to whether to launch before the Chinese version of AdPlanner does not yet have the latest news.


hot friends Google PR value:

Wu Weiding: a lot of sites in the outgoing PR cancel message, can be seen from the content is released last year, Google staff to cancel the toolbar to display changes. At the same time, the results of the last event is still updated as usual. In my opinion, PR is not very important, it is important how you can distinguish the quality of the link, we put the weight of the PR as the basis for judging. But after the emergence of the link to sell the market, PR has been flooding is not the only link to determine the


Zhang Hangfeng: there’s nothing strange about that! Almost two

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