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technology news September 11th noon news, 2012 China Internet Conference held today in Beijing. The dialogue on the Internet leader link, Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi, immediate search CEO Deng Ya Ping, Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing (micro-blog) came together on the road. In this dialogue, the three head of the past were reviewed and the future development was discussed.

over the past year, the industry’s most important trends in the face of the problem raised by the host Liu Donghua, Zhou Hongyi, and the answer is very similar to the mobile internet. Zhou Hongyi pointed out that the wireless Internet and thousands of intelligent machines, a profound change in the trend of the development of the industry, and Deng Ya Ping and also expressed their views on the approval of the president.

based on this trend, several companies have different tactical strategies.

· to ensure that President Ma does not push IM products – Zhou Hongyi

host Liu Donghua: now is the 360 Internet giants, mainly because people are afraid of you what this? Zhou Hongyi said: first, I’m not the Internet giant, so I two people is not when the giant. I think we’re still a bit of a startup. Second, we are often bullied by the giants, so it is not a giant.


did not directly answer the question of what people are afraid of you, but Zhou Hongyi still gives a partial answer. For example, he gave the innovation of enterprise giant weapon said that imitation is no way out, because they make the rules of the game, the only way is to make the reverse operation: "it is not the same thing to do with him".

then the Qihoo 360 will launch IM and

Tencent competition?

"I asked the Chairman Mao and the horse that will not push instant messaging products," Zhou Hongyi said with a smile, the wireless Internet is a traditional represent the general trend, if the PC IM on the Internet, I do not have this ability, "which I believe in Lei Jun millet, they are trying to do this thing".

Zhou Hongyi also Tencent, for example, although the company involved in the field of many, but only to do disruptive innovation WeChat – destruction of the traditional operator SMS business.

"when you really do the challenge giant thing, to tell the truth, it’s still a lot of pressure. I have two spirit, likely to do this innovation thing ", Zhou Hongyi then added, 3Q Tencent after the war has changed dramatically," here is the first credit MA (Ma Huateng), he made many decisions, but also should be appropriate to thank the 360".

· not satisfied with the status quo of search engines – Deng Ya Ping

instant search into the search field only two years, the identity of the search for the national team, Deng Ya Ping said in the Internet industry, "no"

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