Forced to take on the difference between the literary website forward line




has been the rise of 10 years of network literature, is now facing a fierce battle for talent". In order to attract more outstanding writers, each big website often costly, Internet writers worth more than million who meet the eye everywhere. However, the moment is no longer the "one or two outstanding writers with a website" period. Therefore, the overall strength of the platform to consider the criteria of literary websites, how to differentiate the competition, but also the key to the survival of all network literature.

Internet writer gold popular occupation

recently, Shanda literature’s starting point Chinese network launched the fantasy novel "the sky" more than 100 million hits, became the most popular network at present, which makes the starting point Chinese network won a large number of loyal readers at the same time, began to pay more attention to the "Tiancan potatoes" commercial value.

in order to make the Golden King to ease the creation, the grand literature is more generous and signed a contract agreement "energy-saving" up to 7 digit rate. This "network of outstanding writers" increasingly fierce competition.

in fact, in the field of network literature talent battle has been going on for a long time, worth more than one million yuan writers everywhere. The starting point of the Chinese network has claimed that the site has been born 10 annual salary of over one million Internet writers, the annual income of more than 100 thousand of the writers have nearly 100.

not long ago, a non official "2010 Internet writer rich list" list published, the novel network rich mythology described most incisive. This list announced the income ranked the top 8 Internet writer, which is ranked first in the "energy-saving", the annual income of about 1 million yuan; the second is "I eat tomatoes" also has the income of 800 thousand yuan. Even the eighth "lying", there are also more than 300 thousand yuan of income per year.

although the list is much questioned, but the network has been the popular writers income soared public facts. "Internet writer works income mainly rely on the click rate, click rate is high into more, can negotiate with the network literature website qualification is also higher." An industry source told reporters.

Chinese online’s 17K novel network editor Liu Ying said that at present only 17K novel network has thousands of full-length original VIP signatory, including the industry’s top authors, cavalry school leaves, Xuanyu, lost Xiao Qian, Jiangnan, drunkard etc.. Divided into income or even reach the level of tens of millions of dollars.

"I started writing in 17K novel network in 2007, the first year of 6 digit income, after the annual growth." Internet writer cavalry school works "orange’s" is the first network click billions of dollars of urban novels, just won the four session of the Chinese.

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