Gotham Closed Out its Season with More Villains than Ever

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. NYCC 18: The Cast of Gotham On Bane, Batman and Saying GoodbyeDC TV Comes to NYCC, Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Grin & More DC News Season Four of Gotham didn’t have the best final stretch, but overall was a very strong season. The new Ivy was kind of a miss, but the show more than made up for it with a strong new direction for Lee and the Riddler, a Grundy story that was touching enough to overcome the bad makeup job, and a truly scary Professor Pyg. It’s only fitting that such a season leaves us with a finale that rises even higher. After Jeremiah reenacted the worst part of The Killing Joke last week, Selina is in the hospital with Bruce promising not to leave her. Yeah, we already know something is going to force him to leave at some point. That thing, it appears, will be Jeremiah. He’s locked up in GCPD, and Gordon’s preparing him for transport to Arkham. But Jeremiah’s oddly calm. He says he has a number of other bombs, redundancies, planted throughout the city. If Gordon brings him Bruce Wayne, he’ll tell him where they are.Well, we find out where one is. The mayor is discussing lifting the evacuation order despite Gordon’s instructions not to. Well, he soon learns why he shouldn’t. After his assistant points out a mysterious man staring at them from the next building, we learn one of Jeremiah’s bombs is right under his office. Looks like Gotham is in need of a new mayor. That’s enough to get the government to declare martial law in Gotham. Why now and not all the other times a supervillain threatened to destroy the city? Who knows? At least it’s a sign someone is aware of the constant chaos in this city. If only they had a better response, though. The military captain who takes over the investigations plans to give Jeremiah exactly what he’s asking for. Gordon tries to impress on him what a bad idea that is, and is quickly arrested.Ben McKenzie (Cr: Giovanni Rufino / FOX)He doesn’t stay in custody for long, though. The Riddler shows up and puts the arresting soldiers to sleep. Along with Gordon. The Riddler isn’t trying to help, though. Gordon wakes up strapped to a table in the narrows. Turns out The Riddler’s jealous about the fact Lee may still have feelings for him. He wants to slowly crush Gordon to death so Lee won’t have anyone to love but him. His riddles may be better now, but he still doesn’t get how this whole love thing works.Fortunately, Lee shows up to explain exactly how bad an idea this is. In fact, she’s insulted that he thinks she’s weak enough that a man could hold her back. She explains that now that she’s given the people of the Narrows a chance at a better life, she intends to leave. She wants to take Nygma with her, as long as he doesn’t kill Gordon. Still, Nygma always has to feel like he’s won somehow. He gloats that Lee chose him, and of course that gets under Gordon’s skin. This show wasn’t going to let us out of this season without one more awkward moment with Lee. This season has been mercifully light on them, what with Gordon and Lee spending most of it apart. But we have to have one more “I love you!” “It doesn’t work!” conversation before she skips town. Well, that’s her plan anyway.Sean Pertwee (Cr: Giovanni Rufino / FOX)Bruce Wayne arrives at GCPD just a little pissed off that he was forced away from his friend. He enters the interrogation room with Jeremiah, and this scene is starting to look a lot like the interrogation from The Dark Knight. Only I still can’t see David Mazzouz slamming the Joker against a wall shouting “WHERE IS IIIITTTT?!” Instead of goading Bruce into a beatdown, this Joker reveals that the bomb beneath the mayor’s office was the only one. He only wanted to get Bruce into the room. The Gotham Bruce needs is coming, he says. And it’ll be thanks to Ra’s Al Ghul. With that, the light’s go out, and both Bruce and Jeremiah disappear. This scene is creepy enough to make me hope this episode might finally make Ra’s Al Ghul work. I mean, it makes sense. If you can’t get us to care about one villain, pair him with another we do care about. It’s worked out for this show in the past.Until this point, this has all felt like any other episode of Gotham. Lots of kidnappings, monologues, and threats that aren’t entirely followed through on. That all ends now. This is the point where all the separate stories are brought together in a pretty great battle. Penguin, on Butch’s request, joins forces with Barbara and Tabitha as they’re going after Ra’s and Jerome. Tabitha wants revenge for Selina, and Barbara isn’t on board with Ra’s’ plan to leave Gotham and rule the League of Shadows far away. As she tells him, Gotham’s in her blood. Jerome and Ra’s drag Bruce to a warehouse so he can see the destruction of Gotham.Erin Richards (Cr: Giovanni Rufino / FOX)That’s when Barbara, Tabitha, and Penguin show up along with all their henchmen. We get a pretty great climactic battle in the warehouse with a beautiful shot of the city in the background. It’s a big, exciting fight scene and it’s exactly what you want from a season finale. It even features the death of Ra’s al Ghul, hopefully for good this time. Barbara realizes that Bruce needs to be the one to kill Ra’s, so she forces the dagger into his hands and stabs him that way. It works, but this fight didn’t actually prevent anything. The rest of the bombs were already en route to their locations which, as Gordon figured out, are the city’s bridges. Gordon’s able to evacuate the bridges in time, but as far as the military captain is concerned, the city has fallen. It’s time to evacuate.It’s a little strange having such a big fight so early in the episode. It makes the rest of the hour feel a little smaller. Everything built up to this one huge moment, and then we got 20 minutes of dealing with the fallout. Not a bad thing, just not the grand ridiculous finale I expected. All that fallout came in the form of some especially strong scenes. And they were all completely Gotham bonkers in their own way. Like when Lee tells Nygma she has to stay. As the bridges go out and Gotham falls into chaos, she realizes she’s the only one who can protect the people of The Narrows. This causes Nygma to try to stab her, but she stabs him before he can. Then he takes the knife out of his stomach and stabs her with it. Then they start making out before they collapse, because why not at this point? I don’t think I’ve ever been so delighted and bewildered by a scene in any TV show. I hope they’re not dead, because I want to see how this plays out next season. I mean, where does a relationship go after you’ve stabbed each other?Robin Lord Taylor (Cr: Giovanni Rufino / FOX)The Penguin also reveals he’s been playing the long game in one of the episode’s last genuine surprises. Butch is reunited with Tabitha, and Dr. Strange has made him all better. Then Penguin kills Butch right in front of her. It turns out this was all a long game of revenge for killing his mother. He brought back a person she loved only to take him away as soon as they were reunited. As cold as that is, you gotta love Robin Lord Taylor’s gleeful sadism in this scene. This is the Penguin we want to see.This fourth season started out very strong, with Pyg and Scarecrow making for very strong villains. The second half never quite reached the highs of the first. Many episodes felt like the show was stalling until we got to the Jerome/Jeremiah stuff. Fortunately, that story was fun, scary and gruesome in almost all the ways we were hoping for. And after last night’s finale though, the season certainly ended strong. A lot of it was setting up for the fifth and final season, when Bruce Wayne will become Batman, but it was really good setup. Selina has to be taken to a hospital outside of Gotham. Bruce wants to go with her, but feels he has to stay behind to protect Gotham. That’s definitely going to piss Selina off, but their relationship has never been what you’d call stable. Also, it’s mentioned that she might be paralyzed, and if that’s the case, it really sucks. Come on DC, you already did that to Batgirl in the comics. Don’t repeat the mistake with another awesome female character.Ben McKenzie and David Mazouz (Cr: Giovanni Rufino / FOX)Gordon, who stays behind with the rest of the cops while the military evacuates, decides to put up a searchlight. On instinct I guess. Yes, the finale gave us our first sort-of batsignal, and I may have squealed just a little bit. It’s happening, you guys! Gotham may have its flaws, but it can turn me into a little kid jumping up and down on the couch, shouting “Batman Batman Batman!” when it plays its cards right. And just to solidify that feeling, we get a montage of all the villains staking their territory. Barbara creates a no-man zone for the sirens, killing all of Ra’s al Ghul’s men. Manbat attacks a bunch of people. Mother and Orphan stab some dudes. Scarface is here too. Gotham City has become the one we recognize, the one that needs a Dark Knight. These final moments made a lot of big promises for Season Five. Too bad we have to wait until next winter to find out.last_img

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