Personal webmaster also to reflect some of the problems

      is webmaster a vulnerable group? Maybe, maybe not, this is not important, we also have to reflect on, constantly review.

      tell me a few things I met:

      1, there is a webmaster, shouted a union is a liar, do not send their own money, their own account letter. I communicate with him. Because he is cheating was blocked, but also see the April income of 500, meat hanging mouth, so the webmaster forum, the QQ group, said a coalition of desperately ill, I helpless, union buckle quantity, are profiteers nature, we all know this, will choose the most love, the best alliance to do the market, will affect the final to a union.

      union seal ID, is villain. Such an alliance is scary, but if the reason is that we cheat. Let someone else, how to do? Admit it. China webmaster clever and terror, the whole world experience, most of the foreign alliance shield China flow. The vast majority of foreign countries have banned Chinese websites. Is not to say that China’s traffic is not worth, is China’s webmaster to take more than they take away. In this case, we are to support the majority of cheating webmaster, or to support the initiative of the alliance?

      I suggest that after the implementation of the publicity system of the Federation, the evidence of cheating, cheating Adsense publicity, one aspect of the warning of cheating, but also the true expression of the cheaters. There is only a lack of technical strength of the alliance itself, or some evidence is not open.

      a lot of allies refused to participate in the 100 thousand Alexa outside the webmaster, is their frustration, but also worth our reflection, do not blame the alliance on something. Alliance does not make money, to do public service, reasonable, he is not the union.

      2 have a webmaster, consulted the n many people, said, where there is a double line of space, but also IIS not limited, the best service space, the price of less than 100. There is a IDC, service providers, was a few webmaster to die. Space that is 24 hours can not have any stop, service that is 24 hours will be. Performance is someone else, you have. Price is less than 100 a year, a month is 10. 10 a month, let you stand on standby for 24 hours. But not from, in all the webmaster forum, all QQ group give you rumors, slander, the IDC business, hard business for 2 years, and then finally defeated several webmaster. Finally had to refund apology. Webmaster friends, but also to learn tolerance, learn to forgive. Do not think that the money is paid.


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