Googles Halloween Game Is All About A Spell Casting Cat

first_imgWhen Google first introduced its interactive Doodles they were something to get excited and talk about regularly, especially when they made Pac-Man playable in a browser. But now they’ve become the norm and we expect new ones regularly. However, the Google Doodle for Halloween this year is worth a mention.Google’s Doodle team has created a rather fun and very addictive game for Halloween 2016. It involves casting spells and thwarting an onslaught of ever more persistent ghosts.The game has you play as a freshman feline called Momo who is attending the Magic Cat Academy school when spirits threaten to take over after stealing the master spellbook. Momo has to defeat all the ghosts using appropriate spells cast by swiping on the screen. Each ghost has a symbol or multiple symbols above its head which the player must swipe in the correct order to defeat a specific ghost or ghosts.The more symbols there are, the harder a ghost is to defeat and some ghosts have multiple sets of symbols (end of level bosses). Things can get pretty hectic as an increasing number of ghosts fill the screen and travel towards Momo more quickly.In total, there are 5 levels set across the library, cafeteria, classroom, gym, and school rooftop. It does form quite the challenge in later levels, and requires some very quick and precise mouse actions if you aren’t playing on a touchscreen. Even so, I did manage to beat it with a score of 95,040.See if you can beat that and share your score in the comments…last_img

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