Pacific site may be a mistake

Pacific website group will start listing roadshow today, plan to 2.98 to HK $3.58 shares, equivalent to 2008 forecast earnings of 30 to 36 times, is expected in December 18th listed on the HKEx, financing of approximately HK $800 million, stock code 0543". We open the Pacific site group can be found, the Pacific professional website group has a Pacific computer network, the Pacific car network, the Pacific Games Network and Pacific fashion women’s network and other professional portal.

data released on the company’s website shows that the average daily visits to the Pacific computer network more than 22 million 400 thousand people, the average daily visit to the Pacific Automotive Network of 6 million people. The authoritative website to browse the Internet user traffic data analysis provided by company, the Pacific computer network is the largest professional China IT website, the Pacific automotive network currently in China users ranked first in the mainland.

from the current Pacific professional website group itself, the main revenue is mainly dependent on IT, automotive advertising revenue. Games, women accounted for a relatively low proportion of the site. I think: Pacific site premature listing may be a mistake.

. With the successful listing of the company, internal equity will differentiate the company and the road direction more clear, transparent financial conditions, the board of directors of the strict supervision, if the enterprise is using advertising to reflect the core competitiveness, without the innovation of product and operation mode is very good, will also give competitors buried under the strong competition caused great influence and brand all this will give the future direction of enterprise website, whether in the future to better development, the first position can continue to maintain the industry, the future will be an unknown number. For example, Inc., IT168, for the bright younger generation, these, I don’t think that we will understand.

two. In the fierce competition environment of China’s IT portal, the rise of many IT portal giants, which prompted the market to mature. In the face of peer IT website on the market to snatch market share, the Pacific site will also be weakened. With the main business will be affected, the market pressure is unimaginable.

three. With the Pacific site successfully listed on its website, in terms of the shareholders have investment value, investors can achieve the expected investment, in the future market competition day by day intense, when investors gradually realized its own market, there will be selling goods phenomenon, that is to say there will be cash or minus to the crisis, and the stock was down to nearly.

four. The capital market is devouring the era of mergers and acquisitions, capital stock will replace the value of an enterprise, if its value is not very high, it will bring potential annexation opportunities to competitors, then the Pacific website will become someone else’s dinner after.

Pacific website development in the future will be, we will look forward to see.

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