Graduated from college started a webmaster

students are graduating soon, has become a social, and how we face the society, how to enter the society. These have become a social problem, the development of before graduation this station. This station with my university N years of life. I take this website as the foundation, take the university life as the main line, to tell us about a female stationmaster’s University Station building experience.

we finally entered the society. Since the end of the school teachers care career ended, parents love day, also from the end of parents and brothers take money happiness.

we moved away from home, carrying their own bags for half new not cheap house rent down, began his life history.

our eyes full of curiosity and passion in our blood, we have an unprecedented thin wallet.

in the face of the first boss of the first batch of colleagues first job, we are so passionate, we consider ourselves equal to anything, we fantasysoon can build a world of their own, we are full of confidence for the future. And hope to find a little bit of pride from the envy of others eyes.

but gradually we know, in fact, reality and his ideal is a world of difference. We found that the boss is so sinister vicious, colleagues is so snobbish stingy, look at the code is so boring, we also found that the water and electricity charges to rent people worried to death. Payday always seemed so far away, in the shops as if only for others display, we also found only the weekend shopping to feel relieved to his alma mater, and only the old classmates chat play really happy only when walking on the street to see the beauty of it is not boring.

but we also learned bars, disco bar bar bar toy is the place we pass the boring time. But we still not global, before those skills in the theory of opinionated love money era is rubbish, are surprisingly feeble. And we sigh the world has become too fast, too fast to let us these people simply confused.

slowly we will become deep, no longer for website update, is no longer a very childish joke laugh, no longer whine, is no longer the innermost secrets easily tell people that. We also do not know whether this is mature or depressed, looking in the mirror, but found that the face of the strange strange.

gradually, we seem to see what greatly discerning and apprehending, everything, then what we have with no reality whatever, it is indifferent, the bus is not a seat, saw the thief stealing too lazy, eat a small loss and it is even, but we have every day before class to worry about what to eat for dinner when you drink tea together, in the calculation of their own to pay the expenses this month and is just before going to sleep in, buy a domain name space than on dozens of before making a decision. < >

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