World Travel Tourism Industry responds in support of Nepal recovery

first_imgIn response to the tragic earthquakes in Nepal several travel related organisations from around the world have responded to create long term support for the people of Nepal and to the recovery of its vital travel industry.International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) recognises and expresses appreciation to the many organisations who responded in support of the Nepal crisis. Following are travel and tourism organisations IIPT has identified who are responding in support of the long term recovery of Nepal.READ Global: Many of READ’s (Rural Education and Development) 59 Centres in Nepal serve as the primary source of information in their communities and provide critical resources such as microcredit, health services, and Internet access. More than a dozen of these Centres and their communities have sustained damage. READ Centres continued to play a critical role in meeting village’s most urgent needs as people begin the process of rebuilding.Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) and its partner, the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) has been requesting specific gear donations from their members. ATTA member Dharma Adventures collaborated with Samaritan’s Purse had weekly planes going to Nepal to deliver donated gear from OIA.Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN), an umbrella association of trekking some 1200 Trekking agencies in Nepal, is working on re-establishing heritage sites and also has taken responsibility for repairing trekking trails.Pacifica Asia Travel Association (PATA) has set up several help centres such as PATA Nepal Chapter Earthquake Victims Help Centre at Explore Himalaya Travel & Adventure, Thamel and Scouts Building, Lainchaur. It is also helping to rebuild the tourism sector and opening various sites for tourists again.Among others are the Travel Corporation and Tread Right Foundation, Skal International, Center for Responsible Travel (CREST), Baptist General Relief (BGR) and Tourism Education Futures Initiative (TEFI) who actively supported Nepal during the crisis by providing financial investments to support the local tourism industry, including community-based tourism projects and social enterprises, so that Nepal can recover in the long term.last_img

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