The head of the grassroots drifters

      I am 99 years contact the Internet, the Internet has just emerged in our small town, relatively poor family can not afford to buy a computer, so it was not until 01 years before this period of time is spent in Internet cafes.

      like many people, the first thing to touch is Ma Huateng’s OICQ. The number of Internet cafes boss for help, after the success of the application with her boss gab himself to teach me how to use this global MM. At that time my classmates as young, only thinking about how the Internet bubble MM, everybody laughed. Therefore I have played a thought seems very knowledgeable and nickname gadfly, but how to see how to read like a rogue -.
      digression, cut to the chase, I started with the gates of Uncle FrontPage98 is of course. Posted a few pictures, playing a little personal presentation made the first web page, a bit like now made with word web pages, the students laughed at me that it was garbage, but at that time their own good sense of pride. Before college is also unaware of word that said, know is FP98, when college students were laughed at, but it is something. After FP98 gradually familiar with other classmates because I heard someone online to earn money, start thinking about how to use this thing to earn a fee (Internet fee expensive!). By the students of the "computer world" point of view, the above free space, free domain name all the web site all copied down to the book (there are Google really happy ah!). Well, can get started, to apply for a free space (the first is to forget or even the space), I used the FP page on the hard to do. Found three people visited my space for second days, so happy ah (in fact, one is me, the other two are no friends on the Internet, to look at), access is accessible, but the money come from? You have to have to have the money flow, when there is a call of the polar coordinates, and one can do, can make money, such a good thing, well, do him. Put it up, people are still relatively small, not to mention the money. Began to have some content of talent will come, so while learning web technology while improving the station, after studying HTML each on a website used open source code, ha ha. Because of love songs, then take them all over their own music hotlinking again, look, a music station became. It is easy to say, time is all hand ah, thousands of music all one plus, indescribably hard. Then put some one after the flow has come, it seems many people still love songs online. 2000, that is, when I received the first three years of money, is the polar coordinates of the three hundred, and finally tasted the sweetness of. Third year, the Internet is relatively small, although the Internet wasted a lot of time, but I was admitted to the big

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