A large web site editor made a mistake to leave the news 163 network

08 years, worked in a large website editor yang. In the press release, the effect did not check the spelling is posted on the internet. Some things to see the content editing, screenshots and released in the net forum.

Because the

forum is the industry often on the site, so suddenly to see the editor. The chief editor criticized Xiaoyang, engage in many of my colleagues know later, Xiao Yang feel very embarrassed, automatically quit.

after the Spring Festival, Yang quickly found the editor’s work, the days have passed. But one day, Xiao Yang saw Ding Lei to raise pigs, followed by numerous reports. Ding Lei the pig is not to make money, Ding Lei invested 10 million to support the green pig, pig, Ding Lei Ding Lei friends joked NetEase NetEase pig, and even ridicule to be a pig net sold to NetEase and so on.

Yang would like to talk about general: Ding pig, why can’t I do news? Yang Shuogan do, first he wanted to have a decent domain name, domain name contact him friend, someone recommended him 163w, but then the price alone did not buy the right. Came to a strange combination of circumstances bought www.163z.com, Z has a lot of letters to explain, see Baidu encyclopedia had included the "pig NetEase". In order to commemorate the previous work, he called the site of the pig pig. Followed by the purchase of space to install the installation process, the site will soon be built up. In doing network series, he also know some webmaster, a lot of people to his friendship links.

Yang originally founded "NetEase pig" is a little spoof, but as the flow increased, and gradually he no longer love readers, to revenge and joking manner to do the site. Get up every day is to update the news, carefully collected news are relatively little-known. Gradually some people like the 163z simple news, there are news at home and abroad, especially interesting news readers are like, 20 days, now a few hundred people every day.

hope that one day, we are familiar with the input 163z.com or search "news 163" ranked first, then this is the Yang proved his ability.

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