Hao Bing classification of information to help promote medical network

classification information station weight high, much favored by Baidu. Network promotion is bound to go to the place, and put the chain is relatively easy. Generally do not delete. Hao Bing is the medical network marketing, from the classification of information also brings a lot of benefits, the following is Hao Bing doing a little experience classification information promotion, although everyone Paizhuan.

1, pre implementation plan:

website: recommended ganji.com, 58 city, edeng, list, and the end of the world, the classified information station is weight is very high. Web site in the fine and not more than the site covers almost 80% of users. Register account: at least two accounts per site. Some classification xinxizhan limit the number of every release information, some restrictions on IP, so we have several account, if ADSL dial-up is better, if not directly, it is best to every hour or half an hour once dominated the front page.

2, the implementation of the notes:

column choice: no rules Cheng Fangyuan, release information to comply with other rules, if you do the medical information released to the decoration of the column, no doubt, we go to their website, the most basic rules to obey? Choice: choose to the area area is important, first, the local user must the local information, if you are in a hospital in Beijing issued to Fujian, even if some people see that he will go to Beijing to visit? Maybe, but the probability is too small, it will help us to improve the conversion rate of second, and Baidu search area, choose the correct column to your local information ranking there is also very good.

3, keywords ranking:

classified information also needs to be optimized, so our title according to user search habits and set general title is longer, more likely to have a ranking, the more precise the user, Google has statistics, nearly 5 years of user search words more and more long, if you can add special characters in the title, once a ranking can attract click, if Baidu word segmentation technology better, which helps to improve the exposure rate of keywords. For example: Beijing which department of gynaecology hospital best note: once there is a ranking of the information is not recommended to modify.

4, content layout is very important:

as a hospital website promotion staff, our ultimate goal is to transform, the patient only through our content before deciding whether to contact us, whether to come to our hospital. Our industry decided we send content must be professional, not laughing, but can not have typos. At the same time, it is also the same to clear the layout, it is best to use a small Title separated, like Hao Bing this article.

5, connect don’t leave

no matter what kind of promotion way, our ultimate goal is to transform, so in each post are leaving our connection is necessary, so as to increase the chain, but it is worth noting that the best don’t leave home connection, you publish what kind of content on the left connection what, if the patient of content interested.

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