University City Forum small cost promotion experience

wrote an article on the forum of the University City, "talk about the University City Forum building and profit experience" is mainly about the site strategy issues. Today to share with you, the initial stage of the forum, how to promote, how to get the best results of the lowest cost promotion.

clear the object under the promotion. Our university city forum is the main object of the students, so students go to the local promotion is our main reference. Next to the actual operation.

1 and small businesses around the school advertising

the biggest advantage of local sites, is to be able to combine the local entities merchants publicity. University City Forum is no exception, there are small businesses in the vicinity of each school and the general school. For example, Chongqing University City, each school has a commercial street, in the university city also has a commercial street. We choose the school phone recharge card shop, as well as milk tea shop cooperation. These two types of shops have a very high popularity, the owner is also very willing to cooperate, printed a bunch of leaflets on the shop counter, and then paste posters. In addition, the tea shop inside, you can create a beautiful picture post bar, the forum activities on the picture. Generally such a shop, 100 per month will be able to get through, if you can shop to advertise the way of cooperation, many bosses are willing to help you free publicity.

promotion effect:

effect in the early and middle stage of the forum has a good access rate, especially to pull a lot of new friends. Its close approach to network promotion, it is better to make good use of these cheap line promotion. Under the reference of the largest English training "New Oriental" promotion model, not every day in the school poster, such a large area of small ads, most can play a website brand awareness.

2 participate in school activities

what are some of the school activities?. The association of schools, the Communist Youth League will regularly report on various activities and competitions. Their propaganda media is relatively single, one is the campus web site, a group of internal staff propaganda. And this is a good time for us to enter the forum, to provide them with a platform for advocacy, so that they participate in the forum to build. We provide a platform, and these activities for the forum pull popularity.

if you are willing to spend money, but also to support the hosting of these activities. Let the host and the environment settings are printed on the forum logo. In the activities of the leaflets also marked the forum name.

promotion effect:

this promotion is similar to the media, the company to promote cooperation. Use other people’s promotion, brand to help their growth. We use the forum for cooperation in the form of no cost report several times, such as the University City School Union bicycle race (as well as in the forum team to participate in the school, oh ~) E-sports competitions, as well as some small ball etc..

3 lets media report

media >

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