BENS BLOG Oliver you will let me know when those lambs stop

first_imgOver and out, B x [dropcap]B[/dropcap]log, I must pass on this superb restaurant recommendation, for your notebook: Zelai, in Seville. LINK Having spent the first two days, getting caught by awful tourist traps, the most lovely Spanish pareja (couple), directed us to this gem of a Tapas restaurant. If you’re a purist, this isn’t for you. It’s modern Tapas, but still including some of the traditional stuff. Oh, but, Blog…this place is the real deal. We ended up eating there 4 times and it was BY FAR the best place we found. And the price? PLEASE ADOPT THE BRACE POSITION. When taking the Spanish couple there, four of us ate, ALL we could, and including several alcoholic drinks, the bill came to….€69….yes, it did. It’s got a slightly silly modernist way of laying out the tables, and uncomfortable seats, with no lean-backs, but for quality of grub, service and price; you WILL NOT beat it.Zelai. Seville. It’s all good, but don’t miss the octopus (pulpo) or the Terriyaki Tuna (tataki de atun). Value like you’ve never experienced before. 10.There are few 10’s, Blog (Oslo Court, Colony Casino, Bota Fumeiro), but now we have a new member of the club. ZELAI = TOP CLASS.In other news:What’s my favourite restaurant in London, Blog? Well, it’s Arden Road, of course. You’ve never heard of it? I’ve reviewed it many time though. Yes, last night, I went for my favourite dinner in London – at the Garbacz household. David’s son, Oliver, clearly not so worldly-wise, as his scallywag father, looked at me, with the most innocent of eyes, and said that he loved yesterday’s letter, of such gratitude and affection, to me, from The Staff.HE THOUGHT IT WAS REAL, Blog!!! Hahahahahaha. THE INNOCENT LAMB!! Hahahahahaha! YOU’VE GOT A LOT TO LEARN, M’ BOY.last_img

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