WeChat marketing experience hot but not extreme

WeChat marketing general Shirupozhu substantial growth in recent years, while the short term by WeChat sales to create explosion of people is more and more beyond count, side marketers began to switch to WeChat marketing, to get the dividends. However, in the influx of so many people, how to maintain the quality of WeChat marketing is a huge difficulty, at least in my opinion, WeChat marketing, but not too hot fiery.

is the WeChat marketing compared to micro-blog and other media are out of the ordinary advantage, this is also the reason why WeChat marketing talent shows itself can let users, WeChat marketing and between operators to establish a more intimate environment, while WeChat marketers can keep in touch by WeChat and other users, and this is the platform does not have the advantage, followed by WeChat marketing, can direct marketing of goods directly into the present, and this kind of marketing is more direct, more consumers more convenient, beneficial to improve the sales of products, relatively speaking, the sales to a certain extent also let people lose pick troubles, on the whole WeChat marketing also has many incomparable advantages, such as platform can provide a more accurate flow, and this flow And unlike micro-blog that a vast expanse of water the general feeling, his own little west to taste sweetness in the marketing of WeChat, because WeChat transmission rate of one hundred percent can add all users to receive push messages we for the first time, so some of the more urgent information dissemination can be effectively used, and Huizhou local demand the furniture market is very strong, so the efficient transfer of WeChat, can let more people pay attention to the demand, in addition to a nearby people through propaganda, the effect is very good. So if marketers use it properly, can bring huge sales of their products at the same time, if can magnify the advantage of their own, or to improve their commercial advantage, it can lead to higher sales.

but, in fact, WeChat was overrated, first as WeChat marketing users, their products can not be thrown together in a heap in front of consumers, and this type of marketing is not only to improve the reputation of their goods to bring a lot of unfavorable factors, but also makes their goods lose credibility, the customer need not endless marketing, but the real sales of the products they want, and the sale of such products will further narrow the distance with customers themselves, which will benefit the customer, but the WeChat marketing users, all their goods as dumping down to their customers, and your customers will the micro-blog cancel as dumping, and now WeChat circle of friends began to endless endless sales. Marketing, which will bring disgust, rather than love, the greatest harm brought about by this way are great for both sides, but also through excessive WeChat marketing, users will lose their dependence on WeChat, if you want to make a difference, then we must ensure their quality, enhance their in order to better flow, provided >

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