Assistive Technology Solutions for Learning Disabilities

first_imgMoney Calc and Communication DeviceA Learning Disability is a neurological disorder that affects the way a person learns, making it difficult to process information.  Some common problems associated with learning disabilities include difficulty in reading, writing, speaking, grasping math concepts, and language comprehension.   According to LD Online, fifteen percent of the U.S. population, or one in seven Americans, has some type of learning disability.The INDATA Project recognizes that learning disabilities can complicate an individual’s way of life, and pledges to resolve such issues by providing resources for the necessary assistive technology.  Our Loan Library offers many learning disabilities devices including:Money Calc – This calculator is designed to facilitate learning centered around money math problems.  It has the option to display decimals with dollar signs, dollars, and cents (as in $5.00 instead of just 5).  Its big bright keypad includes buttons the shape of coins and mini dollar bills.Franklin Speaking Children’s Dictionary and Spell Corrector – With this device, students can check their spelling with phonic technology, hear over 40,000 words pronounced correctly, play word-building games, and more.AbleLink Schedule Assistant – Those with literacy challenges can use this device to organize their appointments with ease.  You can record a message to remind you of an event at the day and time you specify.B. A. Bar – Language therapy is made easy with this portable device.  Its digital voice corrects pronunciation errors and recalls instructions and assignments, making it an excellent assistive tool for work or school.Co:Writer – A word prediction program featuring several learning aids, such as topic-specific dictionaries and vocabulary bank to help improve students’ reading and writing.LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen – No ordinary pen!  This device will actually record audio as you write, and then play it back when you touch the pen to where you started writing.  Read our review about it here.Communication devices can also be very helpful for people who have difficulty speaking.Be sure to check out other learning aids available at the INDATA Loan Library.  What kinds of assistive technology can you link to learning disabilities?  Share your thoughts!Share this…TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedInEmailPrint RelatedOverride the Summer SlideJune 22, 2016In “Apps”Learn math with these fun apps!August 19, 2014In “Products and Devices”ATU135 – Critical Apps for Learning Disabilities (Carolyn Phillips & Martha Rust), Tablet Computer for People who are Blind or Visually Impaired, Priests use Technology to Hear Confessions of People who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, International Association of Accessibility Professionals, Panther Math PaperDecember 27, 2013In “Assistive Technology Update”last_img

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