The rules of the game for Chinese e commerce

        statement: This article is purely personal view of the author, welcome criticism. The first proposed the concept of electronic commerce breakdown, second proposed to the electronic commerce misunderstanding, more wordy. If you do not have patience to see, please jump to the main point of view three or four.  

        first, the concept of e-commerce services

          e-commerce service as an important branch of Internet information service, has made great progress in recent years. However, many concepts are often confused, and even the media also have such problems. With the development of e-commerce, the format is also changing, there are many new forms, it is necessary to do more detailed division.

        the following is my personal understanding, hope to have more experts and scholars and practitioners to put forward their own views.  

        electronic commerce and electronic commerce services are two concepts, electronic commerce is a special form of business activities; and provide product release, online orders and other functions or e-commerce software and hardware, technology for the enterprise, it is called e-commerce service.    

          e-commerce information services which we are more familiar with, such as: Alibaba, Dangdang, Taobao, including a number of industry websites are e-commerce information services companies. The provider of e-commerce software and hardware, technical services are often not attributed to e-commerce services. This includes online customer service software, electronic signature technology, business messaging platform, which also includes many software companies are turning to electronic commerce services, including domestic UFIDA, Kingdee software etc.. There is a concept that has to be mentioned is SAAS (Soft as a Service, software as a service), a lot of SAAS software vendors are provided with e-commerce services software products, should also be classified as e-commerce services. (a digression: SAAS is not online B/S structure software, this is a relatively big misunderstanding. SAAS software on the issue, the future will be devoted to discuss with you,    

        e-commerce services should be divided into e-commerce information services and e-commerce application technology services. We should have a broader vision, e-commerce is no longer talking about B2B/B2C/C2C, talk about Alibaba. The form of e-commerce services is becoming more and more diverse, and the whole industry chain is becoming more and more abundant

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