How to operate the talent network to go further

the day before yesterday, just set up a Shenzhen Talent Network: for more than a month after the planning, the establishment of a new mode of operation, mode or charged to the enterprise, but the network model and the talent is not the same, of course, is not possible to speak out, we rely on the brain thought, want to do a talent network, must do some.

A: can bring talent nets to the enterprise?

two: can you bring a job seeker


three: do not need to carry out talent recruitment job?

four: can you change the business model of the site?

five: when the enterprise to pay you, just wait a year the enterprise to pay? Or do you want to in this year let enterprises to recruit the talents with? (how to do their own thinking)

six: when the job is on your website resume information, can do it within two days reply? Can not let the job are waiting.

seven: do not carry out face-to-face recruitment, recruitment in the network, can do? Face recruitment not only spend time job seekers also hit confidence, because in face-to-face communication, people too much, it would be very confusing (I have not been to the talent market, the plane tried to talk) is in half an hour and a few minutes, in the nearly 6 hours of recruitment, business or job seekers are not complete their wish, but also a waste of admission, change the model,

can do?

eight: talent net business model is charged through the enterprise, the enterprise can charge on the website shows more attention, you can first notice have talent, but you can make the charge of enterprise find talent? Can let the enterprise think money is the value of


want to operate talent network is not a simple thing, must be combined with the idea of enterprise job seekers to go. Think about the talent network mode of operation and business needs, do not be enthusiastic about the purchase of space, online procedures or write procedures, put on the Internet, I have a talent network.

I may not write well, maybe I write very well, this is a train of thought, a guiding ideas, I think things I will not release, unless it is really useless to me!

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