The network of the famous

                proliferation of information network era, in a vast expanse of water like, want to pull out a message head, compelling, it seems difficult to. However, some smart people will create new styles, and attracted much attention. Regardless of reputation infamy, first mix a familiar face. Moreover, now pay attention to diversification, and the poison, the delicious, people, as long as the shameless enough to the point where there is no purpose is not reached.

for example, you can in the prestigious forum, upload photos of the extreme narcissism unremittingly, and self proclaimed the best in all the land. A year is not two years, two years is not three years, one day, the beautiful image spread all over the world. Like Liu grandmother into the family, although suffered ridicule, after all is to get the benefits.

, for example, the mainstream media is to criticize a Bo "lewd" woman, 80% of Internet users are on her side, you can jump out (the premise is that you must be male, is the best doctor or claiming to Dr.), to express her love, for marriage. The reporter has reported Pidianpidian, editing excitement spread, the other is also immediately moved to incapable of further increase out of you. Then, the blind said that no time to sweetheart City, just said, you have to enter the entertainment industry. Although provoke condemning, whatever the outcome after a celebrity addiction.

for example, in the life of the virgin pure, precious, you may wish to represent the whole China man, and cried out to a request for entertainment stars: Please breast augmentation! If you don’t, I’ll die for you! Although who do not believe you are going to die, at least you on various media entertainment. Count on.

above, is not the most vast, vast move, to make the number of computer virus, the first is the sales of money, to the baby under stirring, outrageous virus on the network when people cry, and timely arrest by the police uncle. Then, the grand launch of antivirus software, daizuiligong, sincere apology, really need such people called "antivirus". Note that this anti-virus software is hanging on the government’s website, do not spend a penny, naturally made a highly influential advertising. It is a network of rogue has anti-virus experts, no wonder some netizens admire tightly, called "network wizards", "hacker hero" and "heroes". It is seven years after no one asked, to know the world famous one day. Through several years in prison (get clever, perhaps in jail can be free, private companies) high paying job waiting.

network era, yangmingliwan shortcut, there must be a lot of. However, my imagination is poor and never witness before, can not empty. Or, when the laws and regulations, such as the complete, the implementation of a serious, the media calm self-discipline, Internet users mature rational, such a shortcut, will gradually go down. >

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