Can not ignore the original promotion of A5 experience

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on hand is in the sandbox period Taizhou Ace (SEO) recently had to update every day, the promotion of the station. The effect has been poor, the main reason is no original article. Has been too busy to write the original article. In this case, I have to start my original article road".

webmaster all know, send soft Wen promotion is no better place is A5, as long as an article on the home page, that is not as good as the amount of the. Do not think I exaggerate, do not believe, then take a look at the following statistics I own a set of data:

soft Wen promotion time: February 25th -3 month 3, just a week, don’t think it is the 9 day, in February only for 28 days.

the number of soft editing: 15, all in the A5 submission, the audit through the 9 (he is still relatively satisfied)

forum to promote the platform: 3, mainly behind the times, a push, seowhy, where I mainly edit the article every day, and then go to these places again.

soft was reproduced website: Baidu search -57, Google search -53, Sogou search -33, this is just to remember each search volume, if I at each station I reprint 3 articles, and then remove the post after removing I link to sites in ten (this is very few, it is difficult to have a). Besides, these are my search out, that is, only the search engine included, search update slow, there are not included. Then think again, I see, this week’s soft promotion to increase the number of the chain.

from the above data is not difficult to see, the importance of the original article, more importantly, you want to put the original article on the platform. After this week’s original article promotion, not only to increase the data set, but also enhance the image of the site so that more people understand and accept my website. In any case, I will continue to work hard in this regard, you are the same, if you want to have so many search, then act quickly. This article from the (Shenzhen private detective, welcome to reprint, please specify when reproduced, thank you!

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