Mou Changqing how to do soft Wen promotion

I have not written before the promotion of soft article, but now in retrospect, I am now the most adept at the most familiar seems to be the promotion of soft wen. Several of my own website, mainly through the promotion of soft means of development. Last weekend to participate in the annual meeting of the Jiangsu webmaster, participated in one of the discussion links website optimization and promotion of the road". GJj let me talk about soft Wen promotion experience. So let me for the first time seriously recalled how to do their own soft Wen promotion. Because of the time relationship of the conference, at the venue, did not do a complete share, so today in their own blog summary ideas, to share with you.

1: understand their strengths, the most good at writing what type of article

I think writing soft Wen, first of all to make sure that they are good at writing what kind of article. Only to write their own good, in order to give the reader a harvest, it is not easy to be considered soft". In addition to a clear understanding of the types of user groups the content of influence, for example, I wrote the main network promotion experience of the article, the main audience is user demand network promotion novice webmaster and Internet companies to promote a new artist. So I write independent blog after the new website to do is webmaster class website. For example, (Adsense navigation) (Adsense Encyclopedia) (link exchange platform), according to my understanding of the needs of the owners of the user, the user needs to do these webmaster website. So in the blog, free publicity to their web site, will not be very soft. I write articles are as far as possible, so that I want to promote things, it is natural that should appear in the article.

this is like many webmaster hobby, something, and then do the corresponding website. Often such a site, it is easier to do. Write soft Wen is the same, the so-called industry specializing in. Like public relations companies, do blog marketing, but also to find the name of the industry Bo to write articles, the truth is the same.

two: the quality of the article should be high, readability is stronger than

I am here to mention the quality of the article, mainly 2 points. 1 content is better, to help users. This requires the author itself has some industry experience. 2: soft Wen to have skills, not too obvious. I wrote most of the articles, are their own practice of the real experience of promotion, but occasionally by the way in the article to help some friends of the site to do advertising, but will ensure the readability of the article. And the article will inevitably be examples of some sites or characters, the purpose is to enrich the content of the article. Only this time, I will deliberately refer to their familiar person or website.

I do not hide here also said, there are some sites to find I have written text, but I write, there is a principle, as long as they are not familiar with the subject, I will try to avoid to write. There are 2 reasons: the first is to write their own subjects are not familiar with, I feel very headache, the article is not good to write, and the other is reluctant to write the subject matter is not familiar with, the quality of the article can not be guaranteed, readability is not strong, to write out is also to find the curse of 2 ()

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