How to talk about local fast food stores to promote the application of their reservation

is currently the number of ordering APP also many beauties like hungry takeaway, such as ordering platform has a mobile phone version of the application. But the local fast-food strength together and develop ordering application is mainly in order to expand the customer base, in the city to promote their fast food. APP ordering the same function, and ordering type can be divided into two kinds of individual and team ordering ordering, like meeting would belong to the team ordering.


is ordering some companies or units, the general needs are food, fast food is the main chinese. In fact, ordering APP function can also be more perfect, for example: mobile phone users to download the application to specify the ordering, ordering time automatic SMS alerts. Most commuters may forget the reservation time, SMS or voice remind more humane. In addition, ordering APP can also push the daily diet related knowledge or news.

No reservation application of

new on-line users know, so first need to find ways to increase downloads, most efficient way of promotion is to give customers a discount, specifically through the mobile phone application to enjoy the preferential ordering. For example: 20 yuan less than $3, or you can also give soup, etc., at the door of the store can be placed on billboards. Those old customers will take the lead in using cheap and preferential ordering application, are often able to attract many customers. Then by the old customers to drive new customers, for example, to distribute the invitation code to the old customers, usually through the invitation code registration of new users have preferential activities. This viral marketing can spread quickly.

fast food packaging box to do enough advertising, telephone, dishes, two-dimensional code and other information, so a small box can be fully utilized. Not only that, but also with respect to delivery staff door-to-door salesman, sent to the company or unit, can by the way of the restaurant under the ordering application. Of course, only a brief description, not like the general sales staff, otherwise it will cause a lot of customer resentment. Conditional, then the effect of advertising on the bus in the city is more obvious, or the elevator advertising in the area, the location of these advertising exposure is high.

fast promotion application products, first applied this thinking to what can bring value to customers, such as ordering, ordering is more convenient, more timely preferential ordering. Compared with the previous telephone ordering, ordering the mobile phone application must highlight the advantages, so as to gradually increase the number of application users. The article by the square network original reproduced please indicate!

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