This cut the wire reminds me of Putian Hospital Department of history

what is the significance of entrepreneurship, I think it should be in the pursuit of money and status based on, but also to the community to bring some better things.

, however, the reality of entrepreneurship is often not the case. In the policy advocacy and capital sought after the big environment, many entrepreneurs are only locked in the first half of the eyes, the venture as a success can not be allowed to lose the bet. In order to win the bet, they began to become an instant success, and even use unscrupulous divisive tactics.

, for example, by relying on the "cut wire" on the night of the explosion of the red company – home wash.

house on behalf of the washing on April this year, is a start-up company to provide laundry services for college students. Although the line less than 4 months, but it can be used to express the development of rapid. To Hohhot as a starting point, the company will expand its business in 4 months to Beijing, Tianjin, Wuhan and other cities, with a total of 50 laundry, covering the country’s 1500 universities. In June this year, the company has completed the Pre-A round of 10 million yuan financing.

also reported some time ago as the front view of the 95 female entrepreneur Wang Kaixin "from the 95 to the billions of dollars worth of empty after the overbearing female president with only half a house", wash the founders Guo Chaoyu also dropped out of school early, and from the school to start a business started. 6 years in the country to develop a campus part-time business branch of the company, adding a new year of 300 thousand paid users. Until last year, he just stopped the original project, and began to aim at the campus washing market, the creation of the current home wash.

if a single from this experience, this is a young entrepreneurial story capable of evoking praises and tears. However, as the rough and overbearing Wang Kaixin led to lax, Guo Chaoyu quick action also makes the house wash caught in a deadly crisis of public opinion.


since the initial lack of orders, Guo Chaoyu scored a wonderful means — "he out of a bad idea. One Thursday, he and his team chose a boy too many college dormitory, cut off all power line self-service washing machine. The four day in the dormitory can not wash, forcing them to use the ‘home on behalf of the wash’". The report also said that the mandatory trial to allow the platform to increase the volume of orders, and thus gradually opened the campus market.


This wonderful means

Guo Chaoyu made the company overnight explosion of red, even successfully attracted the attention of the police milo. More unbelievable is that when people have no evil behavior, this is not the bottom line of the three laugh at home, wash team instead of such things as glory.


yesterday until 4 in the morning, Wash House official micro-blog said in a statement, the team did not do the laundry cut wire, this event is purely commercial speculation. Hope >

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