How do the niche product promotion of my luggage brand promotion share

found luggage business, from a collective travel, we encountered a "embarrassing" thing in the airport waiting room, then some colleagues travel bag "crash", the original of this bag is the company Bonenkai gifts, workmanship and quality are good, is "presentable" what, then is this the case, in the travel even occur wrong, this is an episode of travel! But the clerk never take the wrong pen, originally, in her bag on the luggage tag hanging specially "".

luggage tag is the minority economy, as people travel demand increases, some popular goods have gradually become the necessities of tourism, and full of personality characteristics of the luggage tag, printed unique concave convex patterns or characters, novel style, unique shape, color variety, fashion. In addition, we use the bank card, membership card, hang up the card is also full of unique charm, luggage has a good business opportunities, so I intend to promote the luggage on the internet.

as a niche product, want to get opportunities, must meet the aesthetic needs of young people. The niche for similarities and differences between economic for modern people crearive it is quite in line with their needs, because everybody else on the lips to say that they are ordinary people, but in fact inside wants out of the ordinary – this is the most commercial value. Moreover, in the Internet era, the era of innovation, for entrepreneurs, the selection of particular niche products is a good starting point and entrepreneurship, niche product is not yet recognized a hot commodity products, relatively speaking, the degree of competition is small, more easily the key word optimization, it is easy to search engine a good ranking.

after nearly three months of promotion, there are already some achievements, and now put some of their own promotional experience and share with you:

niche product precision marketing is very important

remember a foreign marketing expert once said: in the Internet, as long as you have 1000 fans, can form a kind of business model! Luggage tag target customers where, in the traditional channel, mainly in the station waiting room, hotel, and in the Internet channel, each big travel website there should be a large number of potential users, according to this, consider the promotion cost, online printed leaflets, issued by the station, and on the Internet, in the related tourism website forum soft Wen promotion, while in the field of social networking, it is through the tourism and the use of QQ group, WeChat issued a public account, tourism related the product, in the circle of friends also published related articles. Through these channels to promote, in three months to get a certain user base, good feedback.

small economic speak with the product, product marketing

found the channel, how to get user acceptance, does not generate resentment? There are a lot of luggage tag style itself, so, through the picture is one of the main ways of promotion, marketing is not the meaning of the luggage tag product itself, but also to give.

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