Social fresh electricity supplier spell good goods to complete the 50 million B round of financing

billion euros net December 22nd evening news, sharing through social fruit, fruit of the main fight single business service platform "spell Haohuo" has recently completed a $50 million B round of financing, the main investor is Gao Rong capital and IDG capital. Million European network to fight the good market director Wu Mei confirmed this news, has been a positive response, which means that the company’s valuation is currently close to $480 million.

In an interview before the

billion euros net when Wu Meiceng said, "the good fight" A $8 million round is Gao Rong capital and IDG capital investment.

it is reported that the fight was founded in April 2015, its initial start from WeChat service number, founder and CEO Huang zheng. Huang Zheng is a 80 serial entrepreneur who graduated from Zhejiang University and the Wisconsin Madison University, after graduation to join the United States Google, followed by Li Kaifu in the Google Chinese returning to the creation of the office, then the founder of "good fight".

"spell Haohuo" founding team has done business and game, it is because of the existence of electricity providers and game genes, "spell Haohuo" product completely integrates the advantages of both, so that consumers feel: buy fruit seems to do a game. Consumers to buy before pulling into a group, and then through the way of sharing fight group purchase.

The outbreak of

from the new play, as an early attempt to "fight the good fight" fruit business, goods will be social and buy these two things completely tied together: buy fruit, users first orders payment, then invite other users to complete the "mission to fight together". After the group, the group and the league members to be able to purchase the product at a more favorable price. If the 24 hour fight mission failed, is automatically returned the money. This makes it a good thing to buy things, this is not just a simple purchase behavior, but also has a social attribute.

the meaning of social electricity providers, contributed to the user’s autobiography. On the one hand, users in order to get more favorable prices, will continue to promote their friends and relatives to buy together. Because of the good goods to buy the general requirements of 3-5 people, which means that a user’s entry, at least will bring 2-4 new users into the amount of. On the other hand, to persuade friends and relatives to buy, which means that the user to fight the goods of good product endorsement.

but at the same time, "autobiography broadcast" also put together the quality of the operation of goods put forward very high requirements. Instant communication effect once formed between users, is how the quality of fruit, how to fast delivery, sweetness, users will quickly feedback from the success or failure in the mouth.

According to

"spell good goods" to provide the information display, the current spell good according to the 7 regions had 7 WeChat service number, the basic national coverage, 7 WeChat fans add up to nearly 10 million; the end of July 2015, APP officially launched a good fight.

Wu Mei said that today’s fight is indeed a good product to learn C>

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