Website promotion trilogy to do the game so that site traffic surge

      in the last article, and I talked about the way to write the text for their own stand to do promotion, today I want to talk to you is to do the way to promote their own website.

        a lot of actors in this world, especially good acting skills are not fractional, why some can be famous, but some have been unknown? A lot of time is done by the argument, Zhang Yu not only to do her own red, more red a video site, the video station immediately got the venture capital. Zhou Hongyi borrowed a 3721 YAHOO by shouting, immediately let his Forum Search red, wind one by one, my own web site, noisy did it at some forums, whether it is destroyed in a word of praise, and popularity increased rapidly.

        so do as long as the control of the sound, the effect is very good, but you want to do a good job to do two preparations, one is prepared to be scolded, and the other is ready to scold me. If you do not mention the noisy, no response, then there is no quarrel, do not do it.

      shouting the wording of the article should pay attention to several points:
      the title of the article: the title of the article is to attract eyeball, let others see your title to see your content, such as the title of this "Qihoo is really riding a tiger?" "The web page, China’s new owners of the first portal" Zhang Yu, I can say that you are a bitch, "and so on, are very good topic, because stimulate the eye, can arouse the interest of others.
      the length of the article: the first argument do the content is not too long, not too short, generally 300 to 1000 words for the best, but if the subject is noisy when you do it, this article can write long point, so that people will look, also can achieve the purpose of rapid hot argument.
      the first words of words: not too beautiful, can be too vulgar, the words you only to others.
      the theme of the article: the subject of extreme violations of human thinking, or extreme. In this article, a written, many writers will not agree with you, have opinions, they will confront you, so your theme is shouting up, the center of your essay is known by others, will have a reputation.

      pay attention to these points, specific operations, mainly in the following ways.    

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