Promotion strategy of Hualong group food website

  in the face of the rapid development of the Internet in China, more and more traditional enterprise decision-makers are considering how to rely on this new wave of economic prosperity. Therefore, there is the two instant noodles and the Internet at first glance unrelated words with the perfect combination of electronic commerce.

      Hualong, see every day ", this sentence is the advertising language and known. The introduction of this brand is the Hebei group of Hualong. The second group is a national large-scale enterprise group taking the instant noodles, now covers an area of 400 thousand square meters, the total assets of 1 billion 300 million yuan, a total of more than 6600 employees. At present, the group’s annual production capacity of 360 thousand tons, the production and sales volume in the country with the industry’s top three, is a very dynamic and development potential of the national instant noodles food industry. How to enhance the corporate image with the advantages of the Internet, enhance the competitiveness of the group, to further expand the market, the Group Chairman and President of the fan is now the country important issue. Then, in September 99 the group successfully registered the Hualong group international domain name ( and domestic domain (, and began to build the Hualong group website in September 99, English made in two versions, a total of more than and 70 ". After more than 3 months of preparation, Hualong group website was officially opened in January 2000, into the trial operation phase. Next, the group conducted a large efforts to promote the work:

      1, in order to let visitors more convenient access to the website information, we to the more than and 30 important Chinese search engines (YAHOO and other Sohu, Chinese) and more than and 300 English search engine registration;

      2, in a typical web site and related to us, such as people’s daily, China food distribution network, Hebei Port, Chinese commodity trading market has done a lot of publicity;

      3, with traditional media publicity, publicity in television advertisements, name card and other traditional media planning in enterprise web site, multi propaganda enterprise website, improve enterprise website visibility;

      4, and China food distribution network, food business network, Hebei window, Xingtai information port Links exchange website, improve website traffic; through complementary publicity of traditional media and emerging Internet media, Hualong succeeded in establishing a corporate website image, so that more people, especially in foreign countries visitors can understand the Hualong group and Hualong products.

      Web site opened soon, there will be Hongkong, Philippines, Malaysia and other merchants sent e-mail to consult the order of instant noodles. The more is to consult and order the instant noodles come in a throng. The widespread use of e-mail, not only greatly reduces the cost of international trade, but also to minimize the time of communication >

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