Tell the truth here is a full hand piece practice tips

scripts is funny, original scripts and graphic author released exclusively in the network. Liu Quanyou is a small vest, satin hand, Joker, Wowkie Zhang and other stars can be hand piece. In fact, in which several micro-blog just red satin hand gloves, some scripts can help you build up the family fortunes.

ask, what is the advertising dog daily spiritual food? – piece.

today, you see the piece? Welcome to Mei Flower interaction, in the message area say you have seen the most funny.


since micro-blog in China booming, a large number of hand piece appeared in public view. They chase hot, jokes, gossip, specialized in social platforms to publish content, original text and funny jokes. Their micro-blog fans more than 10 million, a micro-blog forwarding tens of thousands, has become a lot of people’s daily necessities, influence beyond imagination.

now, the hand piece industry more and more stronger, there are a lot of star turned Satin hand, Wowkie Zhang, Jia Nailiang Joker, for example, they even put the hand piece the sideline development more prosperous, are going to catch up to the industry. Today Mei flower to grilled a steak this batch of network just red satin hand, ah, it is routine.

hand piece echelon

to Joker, Wowkie Zhang as the representative of the star team


1 Joker: " own long piece, I wish the world peace and became popular, the outbreak of " second career. Now, Joker long micro-blog advertising popular advertisers sought, each one will end a long micro-blog God turning, product exposure.


2 Wowkie Zhang: because of the Beijing and the paralysis of tongue mouth guns became popular, many Duan Zi, from the black video, created long Duan Zi, fans and funny interactive etc..


3 Jia Nailiang: variety a sister sweet Xin father, with a variety of popular, embarked on a hand piece from the black road. Common mode: from black, small coffee show severe addiction, from the black family.


to small Ma Jia, panda as the representative of the ordinary team



memory: because of its special small vest, red dragon pet girl fans, high volume, and I also want the horse vest net red circle a puzzle. Common way: pet show, writing scripts, funny video, advertising etc..


2 genius Panda: brain hole is enormous, is a famous early hand piece. 2010 by 3Q Wars

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