Electricity supplier real answer electricity supplier marketing 12 questions

[i] note what is the network operators in the world of online brand? How can better manage online brand? What is the position of marketing in the electricity supplier brand in? The author from a marketing perspective, visited some experiences and lessons on the brand management process, from the perspective of brand we can listen to the voices of real combat.

text / Xu Renyi

Q1 what is the online brand


we can put all the brands are operating on the Internet, are collectively referred to as online brand, which is a call to the electricity supplier, but some were born on the line, some from the transition line. Online to avoid the cumbersome regional channels, but also the formation of more pure electricity supplier brand, which is a first positioning, or after the transformation of the problem.

Q2 what conditions can better manage online brands?

in a narrow sense, money is the best condition;

broadly speaking, business is more dependent on the environment and the period, there is a premise that you want to do this brand.

long lines and short lines are two completely different goals, and if you think that all the answers are long, I don’t think we’re talking about one thing. Online marketing is also marketing, it is still based on good product design, product quality, as well as marketing. Some people say that service is, but the rigid elements must come from the product, followed by the rest of those. Marketing can only be decided on the basis of the inherent product, the market how to accept it, service is the word of mouth.

Q3 how to look at the importance of marketing

for example, the positioning of some brands is very clear, they know who they are facing the user base,

so in the face of one or more groups, marketing a bit similar to the "weakness" means.

what users want, will not take the initiative to tell you that this requires marketers to design their own way.

marketing in some cases, is to make up for the weakness of the product, marketing is also in order to better compare ordinary packaging products, to increase the value of the other, is the only marketing channels for consumers to accept the brand quickly.

I would also like to add some, marketing is not simply to do the implementation, but driven,

marketing can promote the improvement of products, can drive the user’s needs, and even shorten the circulation of commodities.

no marketing, it is best not to talk about the operation of the electricity supplier, which is one of the most distinguished from the next line of retail.

Q4 the most effective electricity supplier strategy is what


in line with your brand positioning, product positioning, positioning the crowd.

if you always rely on price cuts, so that the brand can not be long-term business;

if you rely on traffic, then you solve the problem is the essence of the exposure problem, >

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