Analysis of God carving marketing how to play out of the dining fan interconnection

Internet marketing is indeed a miracle birth place, in this area, if you can reasonable grasp of consumer psychology, some highly precise marketing, so the final result will make you satisfied. God carved sirloin, a sirloin restaurant, abruptly traditional dishes on the Internet thinking armed, not to mention what parity, from God carved the recent marketing events and public comment on the high popularity, you know, the original restaurant can be so fun.

actually said God carved marketing strategies, many of my friends have a simple understanding of the manufacturing gimmick, buy 5 million yuan from the Stephen Chow movie sirloin recipe "God of cookery" prototype to heart-shaped wooden chopsticks, to every taste name and decoration are extremely exquisite dishes, really is a god carved on "experience" and "marketing" master, forced high exciting, but the restaurant, will engage gimmick in the minority, why only God carved out something, it only shows that compared to the other participants, God carved is obviously more about marketing.


open on certain product marketing behavior is a little more difficult to understand, therefore say God carved marketing, I still compare with God carved and bear the tear forced war this matter, to facilitate a better understanding of all.

find a challenger launched a war of words. To God carved friends all know, God carved the good dishes but not so expensive, and many friends will say that they once would not go after second times, can even hear, countless fresh customers will plunge into the arms of God carved, personally experience the kind of high forced treatment. This will inevitably make those long frustrated food brands depressed, so online black God’s carved carved God but meet the eye everywhere, the official did not respond to all along. This time, the bear’s active provocation to the spirits of God carved on the network, the two sides set off the war of words, not only let each search heat straight up, it is free to play an advertisement. Why can only respond to God carved bear? The reason is very simple, because the component itself is enough to bear, bear a certain visibility, God carved anti counter will get some exposure, and the result is God carved back, and then you made me a comeback after the amplification events, many Internet and Internet the media have exposed, it is infinite, virtually give yourself a clear marketing, as the war of words between the content need not care, are coated with sugar shells, rather than tear force, reinforce each other as their brand image, consumers evoke curiosity, remember, and the love brand as the failure is not the "Curse", but "the forgotten".

of course, the war of words is not enough, only to scold do not inevitably make their own brands cast a specious shadow. In addition to marketing and the war of words, God carved focus on business is also worth learning for all marketers. After all, the marketing is still in the physical, even if the black eagle on the Internet so much, but still does not affect its business, which shows that God will do marketing, and marketing

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