Advertising alliance marketing psychology to wear other people’s shoes

what is marketing? A lot of people don’t know what marketing is doing.

so-called marketing, you must first understand the three point: marketing products, marketing can bring benefits to each other and finally to consider the purpose of marketing. Understand these three points, and then consider the marketing results, corresponding to these three points: such a commodity, give us such a benefit, and here you can find it. Isn’t it very simple, here to finally find it, can be a web site, can be a store, can also be someone somewhere, in a word, the marketing process and the results have been through this 3 point obviously demonstrated.

like we do advertising, also belong to a marketing, we must fully understand a truth, that is not a person without advertising, do not desire to have a product to create a miracle, but we also understand advertising, looking for opportunities from an ordinary commodity, for it being recognized by the public, accept and love the nature is also one of our work, we have to do is easy advertising alliance from ordinary miracles, creating possibilities, and for the process and results of the search and discovery, people call it a nickname — "speculation". In fact, the hype and advertising are interlinked but different, usually refers to the event of speculation speculation, speculation, speculation, the purpose is clear, can arouse a thousand waves in a short time. While advertising, advertising can be divided into many kinds, steady infiltration type, can also be a short-term explosive. So, we say, advertising is the expansion and extension of the hype, hype belongs to advertising, is part of advertising. In fact, there are different approaches but equally satisfactory results in advertising marketing effect.

marketing how to do? We always believe that only the first and the other side to become friends, the other side will listen to your advice, and for marketing, communication is a very important art. How to communicate? "In other people’s shoes, put yourself for others, let others feel your caring and considerate, that they will become dependent on you, trust you, and you are willing to communicate, willing to listen to your ideas, so naturally smooth communication.

One of the

text is our business tool, because it is the network marketing, most communication depends on the computer typing, a small screen in this world, we are accustomed to with the idea of betting men, passion and fun to bring each other, attract each other to produce the conversation impulse, we therefore benefit, therefore the success of marketing.

for example: old bundled software download, the general page in the software installation is complete, the default option allows you to install, is to install a second step in your latest software now is in general when you choose the directory, to give you a bound software, do the rate will be much higher, I have also in. The above example is the software manufacturer’s marketing strategy, because more than 95% of users will not move the default choice, so many times this marketing approach for software vendors to bring considerable profit margins. However, at present, China has begun to promote the installation of green software download, those who have been strong, forced to implant Options >

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