2010 years of the arrival of the era of small commodities

Just as

, group purchase – on the network in a unique mode of e-commerce began to emerge. In this network platform, do not know the awareness of the consumers into a team, in order to get the best price to make you feel more beautiful shopping.

e-commerce relevant responsible person said: network buy changed the traditional consumer rules of the game, has become a popular Internet users in a new way of consumption." With media understanding, the current network to buy the main force of the age group of 20 to 30 years of age, in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other large cities are very common. Together consumer users, the collective rights! Chinese public network is complied with the requirements of the times, combined with the actual China e-commerce to build network group purchase platform, to provide the most professional service for the majority of businesses and owners of group purchase.

as a new consumption pattern, the network group purchase. There is no relevant rules to restrain it, therefore, in order to ensure the safety of consumers shopping, choose a professional, high credibility of the platform in the selection, which can improve the safety factor of online shopping, group purchase product quality and customer service service can be guaranteed.

Advantages and disadvantages of

network group buying


1 price advantage – not every customer will learn to go there to buy things cheap, nothing is more important than the benefits, so, please believe that unity is strength!

2 – for the time advantage all day in the network learning work of customers, only to go shopping if you choose the kinds of goods in searching……

3 – to channel advantage has set a fixed brand products, but the brand is not only the dealers, stores, so it will play the advantages of group purchase, dared to open



1 buy traps – such as: cosmetics, cosmetics and other industries lack of supervision of product quality.

2 after-sales service – consumers in the network to participate in group buying, especially when buying large items, we must consult the relevant persons to avoid unnecessary trouble.

buy conform to the inevitable product of the development of the times, in the face of fast-paced lifestyle, let us unite to maintain the orderly development of new things, effectively avoid risks.

online shopping for you to get the best price, so that online shopping has become more colorful bar,

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