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        last night I had a gadget, this is a very funny thing, because I see in my blog, found a IP from the search engine is "live many days" keywords. I visited 2 years ago to write an article to calculate how many days I live? "The article, in fact, is to talk about the ASP and ASP.NET time function, just a small example, it is really interested in this issue?

    then, I will spend 10 minutes doing a "see you live many days? Gadget, address:

  put on the Internet, and then submitted to the 17tech, recently felt here is full of publicity, huh, huh, huh, huh!

check on this gadget visits this evening, let me be startled at.

                PV    UV    IP;  

479213182 today

      and the source is not the only one, it has been reproduced in various forums, blogs, and even a few from the rice. Perhaps we all feel that this gadget is interesting, right? To calculate how many days of their lives, in fact, extend the number of hours to live, how many minutes, how many seconds.

      in the design of this gadget, also want to design more interesting, such as some animal life compare, then find trouble, just add a stand, or what, like that.

    two days before the Internet transmit a I in website promotion experience sharing "the gadget using Admin5 hair", the only message is a satirical "these things are making a lot of online search methods well". I have never said how small and complex the gadget I am doing is, how complicated is it to spend 10 minutes doing it? Do these things the most important thing is not it difficult, but whether it can bring traffic, can cause the visitor’s interest, let them try and use these IP, which will translate into more things we need, this is the most important!


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