Zhong Zhixin on the choice of enterprise promotion model

believe that now companies have their own website, if not until now, only that the company has not realized the importance of network marketing. Today, the Internet is so rapid, the value of the enterprise is also very large, and even some companies rely entirely on the site’s profitability, such as e-commerce site. Therefore, enterprises in the war on the network must be adequate, and to do a good job in this network, promotion is necessary.

and promote the current can be divided into two categories, one is directly paid to advertise, and the other is the recruitment of network marketing related personnel, do their own.

first, paid advertising

is currently paid online advertising is more commonly used search engine bidding, this approach is the most direct, the effect is also very good. However, it is said that one of the words will be more expensive, for example, at the beginning of a keyword is the price of a penny click once, but after a long time of accumulation, the price will be higher, is a bottomless pit, so this promotion is the only way to do short-term, or in accordance with the conversion ratio the implementation, if the conversion rate is very high, it might have been doing.

is another site in the correlation of enterprise product advertising, advertising is simple in their target population is more sites, such as webmaster kind of site, advertising in the above will be helpful to the webmaster, most IDC, advertising alliance and so on. This cost relative to the search engine bidding is more cost-effective, and the crowd is better to determine. The effect is quite good.

second, enterprise recruitment network marketing staff, do their own promotion

At present, most

companies are like this, have their own promotion personnel, if an enterprise wants to develop for a long time, and want to earn more money by the network, it must develop their own marketing team, and the sooner the better, because only you can grasp better the development of enterprises to the benign direction, training your team is not blindly, there must be a good technical support, at least one of management personnel should know a lot, so as to create more benefits for the enterprise


final summary, companies need to do to promote the long-term development of their own team, and the short term need to rely on paid advertising. But there is one point, we must be flexible, not too rigid, the promotion is in fact in order to make money in the end, the short term does not matter, as long as you can make a lot of money, regardless of the long-term short term can be. Like many large e-commerce sites, do pay advertising is to do SEO promotion, such as the most typical customer, know that it is famous by advertising, but it also has to do the promotion, seo. All said that enterprises should be based on their actual situation.

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