Dangdang com CEO Li Guoqing Biezhao singles promotion is not clever

Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter Shi Lifang photo coverage,

– Taobao, Jingdong and other electricity providers who aim at the November 11th singles play the promotion war, Li Guoqing said, is the promotion of normal competition, but not encouraged to do at the same time, but should be staggered

online bookstore – for the price war, Li Guoqing calmly said that none of the money to the customer by the press can dig, Dangdang has hit

yesterday, 2011 (sixth) China online retail year will be opened in Chengdu, Dangdang network (micro-blog), suning.com (micro-blog), VANCL, wheat bags hundreds of retail sites as well as a number of large domestic retail giants gathered in Chengdu, hot, the online retail development of traditional enterprise online retail inflection point and other topics.

"we suppressed the November 11th tournament, the money within a day, not smart." Yesterday, dangdang.com CEO Li Guoqing (micro-blog) carrying a backpack appeared venue, in Chengdu investment, "Taobao October siege" event, the online book set off a price war, B2C enterprise scale fight burn money on such a hot topic about. It is worth noting that the annual meeting yesterday alone does not see the shadow of Taobao, said the forum moderator "because they are in preparation for the day".

about to burn the competition

online mall don’t burn burn rival

"you have so much money, how can you have so much money? If the total amount of money you put in, the retail entity is killed, how do you have so much money?" yesterday at the annual meeting, dangdang.com CEO Li Guoqing talked about the B2C enterprise to burn a big scale fight. Capital is not everything, he says. In this industry, there are many companies and investment group to rely on the burn empty market, it is difficult to support in the industry. Want to rely on $3 billion empty Chinese retail network of one trillion yuan market, it is Arabian Nights.

Li Guoqing seems, under the white hot competition in the B2C industry, the sales scale is good, you can complete one-stop shopping, you can also reduce operating costs, but not the same as competitive advantage. "You are only in one area, leading in the national retail share market, the share of the far ahead, the size of the competitive advantage." The 20% market share is an important watershed, accounting for about 20% of the time, you can sell the rules.

talk about price war

press Dangdang has been able to play down

now, more and more people to buy books at the bookstore, here because of the price war intensified, almost year-round. Dangdang pressure?

in this regard, Li Guoqing looked very calm, said "they do late! We have been in the industry accounted for so big, each promotion has been press, press may taoyinzi to give consumers the money by the press out, I was pulling a >

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