s it wrong to use CN domain name

also recently somehow, online rumors about the CN domain in particular, what search engines prefer COM, CN to lower the PR value ah, what CN spam sites particularly by search engines, to give up ah, like an outcast like domain name is CN. I do not know how others see, anyway, I think it is very strange, is it good for people on the COM thousand good?

and the vertical CN are not the right person is to say:

a, "CN domain name note"

COM domain name, I have not used, so you can not say anything about the use of. However, there are some things that can be inserted. Some people say that because the CN domain name the price, as long as one yuan a year, so do the 4 bit CN has almost not to note, said the CN has began to spread, just like the COM domain where a bunch of 4 meters waiting for him to register it, actually? You can easily register to the 4 bit COM? Actually I saw many webmaster colleagues for 3 bit 4 CN domain name. This scene, in previous years can not see.

two, webmaster preference COM domain name theory

Some people say that

is a preference for COM. In fact, we are all sensible, is the international domain name, are you competing with domain name, what you love doesn’t love COM CN? Is the domain name suffix length that is shorter than COM CN! Or on local, as some people think, COM is the international domain name, CN the domain name is Chinese? Not to mention the two position is the same in the domain name system, on the single side of the station area, there are several foreigners? Still want to let you go abroad to the station? But CN station can also go abroad. Owners prefer COM ordinarily no sense, as they say it to you prefer CN.

three, search engine abandoned CN domain name theory

also means that search engines prefer COM. Said the nose has eyes, the same station of the two domain names, in contrast to COM included faster than CN and included pages so much. However, unfortunately I didn’t see what search engine has such official rhetoric. See, now basically government agencies use CN, as it is the official website of BOCOG beijing2008.cn, Baidu will need to reduce government website PR value to offend all government departments?

official did not say, you can also prove it folk, we look at the actual search results. I GOOGLE and Baidu at the same time enter the "the Great Wall", a foreign, a Chinese, the results show:

GOOGLE 1-10 are: the Great Wall group website (.Com.cn) the Great Wall _ Baidu Encyclopedia (.Com) the Badaling Great Wall (.Org.cn) Pacific Automotive Network (.Com.cn) the Great Wall Fund Management Company Limited (.Com.cn) the Great Wall International Auto website (.Com.>

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