The choice between independent shop and Taobao shop

remember a boss said, a man the most long mode or e-commerce, but also more and more websites will come to like the so-called e-commerce website, we first do not demonstrate these ideas is scientific and correct, from now on the electronic commerce mode, or transferred to other e-commerce platform for example, Taobao, eBay, pat ah, there is a pattern that set up their own B2C or B2B e-commerce website, so how do we make a choice between the two


recently found that many webmaster want to intervene to the so-called e-commerce, but suffer from this tree Taobao make their own choices were more confused, don’t know whether to establish their own independent sales site, or open a shop in Taobao, due not to experience or experience of the two so, still standing in the independent shop and Taobao crossroads, heart will discuss the advantages and disadvantages between the two, just hope for the novice person wise remark of an experienced person, help, but does not mean completely correct, just according to their friends and some experience to summarize.

independent website can have their own domain names have their own shop signs, shop LOGO logo, but also can better display corporate and individual shop business culture, your continued efforts will allow you to effectively enhance the brand image of the shop, let you shop can also form a own brand in a field. From the web site itself is the database of the store is completely owned by your own. Through the analysis of orders, goods, customers and other data can be more effective with your online marketing promotion. Independent websites are easier to optimize and gain additional customers from search. From the long-term strategy, it is like you put your shop as a cause of long-term things to do, so the establishment of an independent shop is no longer hesitate things, the first step is to create a brand independent shop, and also for their business expansion and thus pave the way for no more about certain restrictions and a better trading platform to build their own kingdom sales.

so, but because in the beginning of the establishment of the independent website just before your brand has not yet formed is difficult to get the trust of customers, because Taobao has in the online shopping First impressions are strongest, most people’s eyes lay, to Taobao’s first shopping psychology, always think the independent website doesn’t let myself believe gullible, which is a major factor to be considered independent website, will bring certain influence to your sales, but the effect is not the premise of thin value and affect the quality of the goods.


shop first impression is convenient, need not even domain name space, especially the novice can easily can have its own independent shops, but the extension you every day in addition to their promotion, finally pushed to Taobao, for long-term development and customer loyalty is far as to the actual own independent shop. But from the customer’s first online shopping

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