O2O or a new trend in business supply values to the war triggered at any moment

online users transfer to offline sales, has become the new trend of many commercial web site operators, the advantage of this model is to get rid of the online sales with no reality whatever sense, through the online consultation, the line of products sold intuitive feelings, leading to another consumer experience, it has become an important the direction of profit model of many electricity providers website change.


O2O (online to offline) to do this online sales offline mode can not be ignored some defects, it is very strict requirements for the supplier, the supplier can at least have the corresponding branches all over the country, so it can be through the online consultation, will soon be able to meet the communication requirements under the line of sales.

but some business platform that is able to subdivide this pattern, business operation mode, can attack the large electricity supplier portal, to better manage local market segments, such as many group purchase sites will have small businesses and local cooperation, based on the local users to actively help businesses marketing, let users enjoy the group purchase of ultra low cost at the same time, but also allow users to take the initiative to select suppliers to buy, so as to solve the user to reflect the purchase of defective problems through the group purchase website.

O2O model, no doubt to the many local websites has brought a new profit point, a local community owners Mr Cheung said that their website O2O group purchase mode, immediately to the site has a good income, according to conservative estimates, a month can get a profit of nearly 100 thousand yuan, the profit is almost the entire site 33%. From this point of view, the success of the O2O model on the local community website.

however, Mr. Zhang also said that in order to operate in O2O mode, there is a core problem to be solved, that is to get to know the supplier, supplier needs to ultra low price for the users, on the other hand also needs the better quality of service to users in the line that the absolute value for money commodity businesses and this will give the supplier’s cost of sales brings greater challenges, this is an important reason for many offline businesses are reluctant to join O2O.

strong occupy large business platform provider

the electricity supplier website, fish passage, shrimp shrimp, relative to the large business platform, based on the local O2O intersection is relatively small, but local suppliers are not willing to participate in the O2O, which is placed in a local business platform. But for large electricity supplier website, they will not worry about the supplier is not willing to join, but concerns similar platform for suppliers poaching behavior.

is now the Jingdong, Tencent and Taobao mall are active in the layout of their suppliers territory, because the brand attributes the strength of the suppliers can often reflect the electronic business platform, can be stationed in, attract more high-quality businesses at the same time, but also conducive to O2O new profit mode to carry out.

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