Alibaba group launched a free online recruitment platform

Alibaba group announced yesterday in Beijing, its Amoy work recruitment platform formally launched ( Compared to the current market on the regular recruitment platform, Taobao online recruitment platform located in e-commerce, and take the free mode. Alibaba said the goal is to build China’s largest e-commerce recruitment platform.

data show that so far the use of e-commerce users have exceeded 300 million. Some experts expect Chinese e-commerce in the next few years will maintain a growth rate of over 35%, the electronic commerce with demand blowout has gradually emerged only in 2008, China enterprise e-commerce talent needs of more than 2 million 300 thousand, 2009, and 2010 respectively in the previous year based on substantial growth. But in public not long ago, the National Bureau of Statistics chief economist Yao Jingyuan predicted that the next 10 years, China e-commerce professional talent gap of at least 2 million, this figure does not include the entire e-commerce ecosystem many jobs demand.

Amoy work positioning in e-commerce, e-commerce only to do the field, the recruitment of traditional enterprises we do not touch." Taobao, one of the founders of Tung Chai said at a news conference. According to statistics, the current leader in the online recruitment market is China qianchengwuyou (51job), Zhaopin and The profit model of the recruitment website is usually paid by the enterprise, they need to pay for the recruitment advertisement, resume library browsing and other human resources services.

Alibaba recently launched a free online recruitment platform initiatives, indicating that it is accelerating the expansion of new areas. Just a week ago, Alibaba has expanded its business to include international airline ticket sales, and openly challenge will challenge the largest online Travel Company Ctrip China. And earlier this month, Alibaba agreed to acquire some of the shares of Sohu Sogou search business.

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