B2C media is another attempt to B2C online mall nuggets

recently, a Shenzhen show car network auto supplies mall announced that from the beginning of March 4th and to carry out the cooperation channel china.com, the website media official said, this is a show car network media in an attempt to operate, is a domestic Independent E-commerce mall, the first such attempt online shopping mall is also in the e-commerce website for the first time, if we contact Taobao had some action, whether this means that the domestic online shopping mall began media line? This cooperation has much upside


media is an online shopping mall to try another breakthrough


last year, Taobao and Zhejiang daily joint publication "Taobao world", this event appears in the majority of buyers and sellers, it is Taobao to help buyers and sellers to raise sales more convenient shopping and the production of DM (direct mail), or shopping magazines, seems understandable. I have always thought that such a "good idea", if not the things behind, most will not do more lenovo.

09 years of the end of December, taobao.com and Hunan satellite TV in Changsha announced the investment of one hundred million yuan, jointly set up the "happy Hunan Taobao Culture Communication Co. Ltd", "Ma claims to combine the resources of both sides, preparing for a TV show, also set up independent special website shopping channels and the external trend in the Taobao online, to create TV programs and television drama and online shopping related, open platform and terminal network TV, to create e-commerce combined with the new business model of television media."

in fact, from the public on the pipeline, Taobao’s revenue from more than half of the ads from Taobao recently launched Amoy rivers and lakes, Taobao District view, the media property is more obvious. If you peel the Taobao shopping platform, Taobao cell can change another name as a third party shopping share platform! If you add the Taobao world, what you say is that the media is not


show car network responsible person told reporters that the china.com form of cooperation is to open a car supplies channel from china.com (news.showche.com), the other part of the channel and the china.com auto channel is completely different, the whole page is more concise, content refinement no more interactive than the other some more powerful, users can put here speech PK, deliver, offers doubt, anyone could become the star in this place, to fully tap the Web2.0 era and the needs of the user, in the content, are edited in the concept of "car life", and on the website of the proceeds, china.com and the show car network was also divided into proportion.

reporter observed this channel is divided into 7 parts, the content is divided into information of news and highlight the interactive view of PK, personal car show, car quiz, in addition to a variety of pictures show, car disambiguation and gadgets, the media attribute is more obvious.

in this form of cooperation in the end can go far?


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