MyScript Calculator direct handwritten mathematical formula calculator

for the average user, the phone with a calculator for simple addition and subtraction is very convenient, the number of the keyboard will soon be able to knock out the results. However, if it is a bit more complex multiplication and division operations, this time your heart may want a good mathematical formula, but you don’t know how to use the keyboard to input formula calculator.

MyScript Calculator (handwritten calculator) can solve your troubles above. The App interface is a whiteboard, as long as you use your finger on the whiteboard to write the formula to be calculated, it is not a moment to write a little skewed.

MyScript Calculator will automatically identify the mathematical formula for you, and help you to automatically calculate results, thus, do not need to learn engineering calculator usage, you can also help you to calculate mobile phone directly, in addition to four operational rules like the add, subtract, multiply and divide, square root, fractional arithmetic and so on, MyScript Calculator can successfully support.

wrong also never mind, as long as you can put a bug in the smear, part number or eliminating formula. The following two pictures are MyScript Calculator before and after the formula recognition effect.


handwriting input content


automatic identification content

MyScript Calculator Download: MyScript Calculator

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