The second China clothing e commerce summit interactive dialogue


Second China clothing e-commerce summit interactive dialogue

business news May 27th hearing on the morning of May 27th, the 2010 session of the second China clothing e-commerce (electricity supplier channel) summit held in Hangzhou today. Hangzhou Municipal Government Secretary General Xu Xiaofu and other government officials, Lining, seven wolves, Taobao and other clothing and e-commerce enterprises, attended by masamochi Advisory hosted this summit.

figure for the second session of China’s clothing e-commerce summit interactive dialogue. The following is a transcript of the dialogue:

host: OK, thank you. Next is our interactive dialogue. The traditional clothing enterprises should look at how e-commerce should be what kind of strategic planning, set the strategic goal of what? The clothing e-commerce will encounter difficulties and challenges, we are concerned about the problem.

let us use warm applause please out of our dialogue guests. They are:

Lining Agel Ecommerce Ltd

Ms. Lin LiMr. Jiang Tao, vice president of



Kappa e-commerce manager Gu Li

The general manager,

Motom online shopping department information director Zhang Tielong

Bo Yang Group brand propaganda minister Lin Yunhua

is looking forward to consulting Mr. Lv Bowang as the chair of the discussion.

Lv Bowang: Well, our meeting is in the interactive forum. This morning from the beginning of the Han teacher, has been to Taobao’s smile, gave us a very wonderful speech. I feel particularly wonderful place special, I don’t know where to start.

I’m sitting on the stage, I’m always thinking about a problem. These are brand clothing enterprises. Our e-commerce, clothing e-commerce is not from the beginning of the brand clothing enterprises. The first is the individual seller, are selling goods from the wholesale market, and then sell a few tens of billions of dollars a year. Here, there is no worry about, you have to enter the field of electronic commerce, is also a worry, the background will put the traditional brand, finally to the online development, there will be some impact? Have this fear


Lin Yunhua: I would like to introduce myself, I am from the group. We have three projects in the group. A piece of real estate investment, and one of the earliest we started textiles, endorsement by Angie Chiu, another is our Tonlion, this is a very youthful clothing brand. In February last year, we fully entered a trial operation of e-commerce, e-commerce company was formally established in July, on behalf of the e-commerce company I now represent. We are the Bo Yang Group dress a subsidiary, do e-commerce online. Our Tonlion brand is higher than Czech’s Jones. Lv Zong just said

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