Hao Hongfeng don’t talk about entrepreneurship brewmaster network being intimidated by the descripti

introduction we have a dream, I hope everyone in the world, it can be a wine from the brewmaster online choose to his love. The business history brewmaster network CEO Hao Hongfeng in oral oral, he spoke about their careers, brewmaster network was born, and entrepreneurs to put forward 7 proposals.


Internet brings us changes and wonders

in 2008, we first proposed a 10 billion plan, when we put billions of planning when we think, what kind of measures can be used in the 10 billion scale, in the study of the path we find that traditional wholesale business is not white billion scale that is, we want to have two ways of the future can do 20 billion, or go to do retail, the second way is to do a winery, a winery cattle like Moutai Wuliangye. I want to run a ten billion winery. Retail looks easy.

at that time we do retail, we set up a special project team, and then research. Study how to do a chain of liquor, and later we found that in China, in the case of the time, the chain is very difficult to live. At that time, the wine line chain opened for the loss of more ruthless, open little lose less, as in any one company can earn money for wine chain corporation, the main contradiction is a single turnover, the operating costs are too high, especially the cost of rent. A shop in the case a year only thirty-five million turnover, cost is down to 1 million 500 thousand or even higher, so it is very difficult to make money.

I think if I want to do 10 billion of the sales of a store, if you do 5 million a year if I need to open 2000 stores, 2000 stores, a store if you hire 10 employees I need to hire twenty thousand employees, I think this is too scary. I can’t do it, I think it’s an impossible thing to turn this into more than twenty thousand employees in China, with such a decentralized management, so we didn’t do that.

EMBA I was in Tsinghua on time, teachers think that the Internet can sell things, I want to buy things online to a point where it can cover the whole Chinese, this need not open so many stores, because the site management of decentralized management than you much better.

Based on a sixth

feel so so, then we say that we do it, so when the first batch of e-commerce to do is to open a shop, try to put in 2 million, can see how, then we create the brewmaster network. Of course, the 2 million may go down when the money spent three months, but we think this thing is a feeling, a sense of the sixth traction we must go on, so we made ten million, then not only our own time inside a few million, tens of millions of money. "