Different forms of network marketing

1) enterprise website

since the late 90s of last century, the establishment of enterprise website has become a common practice. Almost every company, even some couples wife shop, have their own website. The main purpose of establishing an enterprise website is to provide the public with information about the enterprise, products and other relevant information. Enterprise website has the following characteristics.

A (company) official website

today almost every company has an official site, which does not need too much explanation. In many occasions, books and meetings, the establishment of the company’s official website methods and tools are widely discussed. Keep in mind, however, that the use of some of these tools will have an impact on the site’s relevance and marketing. For example (seamless steel tube manufacturer www.gangguan-hx.cn)

B portal strategy.

C) is a small market segment created by

small sites usually around the launch of new products, activities or specific market segments and set, although the site is not a long time, but it can cause people to focus on related products (activities, the market). A small web site usually has a separate URL and is associated with a complete activity. Specific examples please refer to Microsoft’s Origami site. Note: some companies too much to build such a small site, resulting in its network strategy messy and lack of focus. (www.xdlfp.com www.njxtfp.com www.fapiao-hangzhou.com)

D) interactive network marketing

network is not only a kind of media that can only be read by others. Unlike other media, websites can be turned into a kind of interactive media in the company’s efforts to encourage more and more active communication with the company. Using Javascript, AJAX and Flash technology, the interaction of the network becomes more convenient, although the current interaction is limited to between the person and the computer. Please refer to several practical examples: Subservient Chicken experience, What kind of M&, M are you, and Geico Caveman Crib.

E) Intranet/Extranet

network can help enterprises to communicate with customers and prospective customers, and can also be used to communicate with employees, distributors, partners and suppliers. For more information about this, please join the Intranet User Group Experience or query the relevant information on the internet.

F) regionalization

in the context of today’s globalization, the site is also translated, reformed, or divided into various versions in accordance with the region, culture or class. Please a.