On demand shopping guide service platform should guide the new Bai domain enabled brand new upgrade

is the first domestic mobile on-demand shopping service platform "Bai should guide" of the Beijing million meters Sunshine Technology Co. Ltd. in July 18th announced the opening of the new domain name "buyying.cn", this point can be confirmed from Ali cloud, new online.


in the Internet environment, the domain name enable and upgrade can not only highlight the characteristics of products and enterprises, but also identifies the purpose of a company.

a good domain name, in recognition and enhance the influence of a corporate brand at the same time, in the enterprise development will also have a role can not be underestimated, so the domain name is one of the important changes in the growth step. For example, we are familiar with the Qihoo 360 had heavily denounced 100 million yuan to buy the 360.com top-level domain; Jingdong also spent astronomical switched from 360buy.com to JD.com after the way Shirupozhu; after Wo Wo Group changed from 55tuan.com to 55.com, is rapidly growing up…… Because a good domain name and a higher level of the company, it is not a minority. Brewmaster network chairman Hao Hongfeng said that "a good domain name can save 90% of the advertising fee".

in the process of business expansion, short and easy to remember domain name more able to adapt to the strategic needs of the good domain name for enterprises save a lot of advertising costs do not say, because the increased recognition of the famous case is many, the effect is remarkable.

and easy to change the name of the car as easy to the domain name is still yongche.com, yidao.com domain name is still in the hands of others. This brand upgrade but missed the brand domain name, the enterprise is not a small loss.

should guide the optimization and upgrading of Bai domain, select the domain name brand fit not only easier to search and memory, to increase brand recognition is of great help, "buy" and "Ying" can accurately show the product positioning, but also enhance the user experience, more can adapt to the strategic layout of product marketing.