The economic effect of Shanghai World Expo is the opportunity of e commerce website

The economic effect of

in Shanghai World Expo is enormous, but also brought unlimited business opportunities, especially for the electronic commerce website, World Expo as a huge market key, Shanghai World Expo opening is over half a month, after a large number of admission of World Expo tourism, World Expo tourism whether number or prices are signs of decline, but the effect brought by World Expo tourism but at this time appear, especially in the Yangtze River Delta Tourism and East China Tourism growth. Reporters from the price of travel to see the Jiangsu people for the Shanghai World Expo tourism tourism is more popular in DIY from the statistical data, at the same time the summer summer is expected near the Expo tour prices rose slightly, so the recent Expo is the best time to "hunters tour".

World Expo with the Yangtze River Delta regional economic development

World Expo is in Shanghai, but World Expo’s effect is the radiation to the surrounding Shanghai save even more, to the surrounding areas and even the whole East China, even the whole China tourism development also plays an important role.

according to the price comparison of the network travel line booking situation, in World Expo during the entire east line hot. Due to the popularity of the east line line of East China tourism city famous car and room more tense. Affected by the impact of traffic and room prices, East China line quotes about 30%.

World Expo also brought the huge business opportunities Expo, Shanghai is expected to World Expo will attract 70 million visitors to Shanghai, which will have 30%-35% who choose to continue sightseeing in the Yangtze Delta area, that is to say there will be at least 20 million people to the Yangtze River Delta tourism.

Expo opportunities e-commerce opportunities

World Expo tourism price has become one of the hot issues of the Expo travel the most attention, "the summer approaching, the Expo will show a rising trend of tourists, Tourism Expo will also begin the price slightly higher after a low price comparison net marketing department Mr. Zhang said," during the summer and after January will be the peak passenger flow. The public choice 5-6 Expo tour is the best hunters".

recently taught "World Expo tourism price dropped significantly during 51", from the line, the golden period after Hangzhou – Shanghai two day tour price from 410 yuan to 350 yuan; and in the hotel price than the "51" down nearly 200 yuan.

5 months later

is expected to travel prices cheaper than the "51" 10% to 20% range 5-6 months it is recommended that people choose to travel, which can avoid the peak of people can enjoy the rare Expo tourism price.

price comparison network Expo tour DIY service tourists

according to statistics, World Expo residents favorite Tourism Expo, to participate in team travel and tourism DIY ratio is about 1:2, the tourism DIY can save the costs and maximize according to their own wishes to visit the World Expo park. Price comparison net